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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Book Review : Kundalini – An Untold Story by Om Swami

I have read lots of books on Kundalini and Kundalini Awakening. I always wonder why the books emphasise so much on the unnecessary complications about the figures, alphabets, deities, shapes and number of petals of different chakras when the experience and real truth is completely different. In ‘Kundalini – An Untold Story’, Om Swami wrote about such similar views. After reading him, I felt at least one person shares the similar views with me. ;)

As projected earlier, Kundalini is an uncoiled snake at the base of spine and on awakening one experience a sensation as if a serpent is moving upward towards the head. But Om Swami rejected this age old theory and emphasised that Kundalini is not just an uncoiled serpent at the base of spine but layer by layer cleaning of negative thoughts to experience the true self. He explained Kundalini from a totally different perspective.

First few pages of the book can be read here in which he said that chakra bracelet, pendants, incense, mats, rugs, clothes, wall hangings, chakra music, chakra programming and other attractive paraphernalia have absolutely no connection with the real sadhana of chakras and the only way to awaken the Kundalini is by meditating over a prolonged period, that’s all. Our true self is veiled with ten layers i.e. desire, anger, greed, attachment, ego, passion, jealousy, hatred, fear and self-concern. These layers are shed as one elevates spiritually slowly and gradually. With each level of awakening, one discovers bit more about the new self and one shed bit more of the old self.

On Kundalini awakening one finds oneself immensely powerful, talented, full of peace and happiness. One sheds ones negative emotions like anger, jealousy, ego and fear. One reaches state of bliss from where there is no return.  One gains the power - to heal people, to do miracles, to see through them. One's heart is filled with boundless compassion. One experiences how the whole universe is within oneself. 

Some of the interesting quotes from this book that I want to share are as follows:
1. Like Hanuman, our talents are lying latent within us, our potential is waiting to be realized. We are born of a boon and we have forgotten about it, and as a result of that we have taken ordinary way of life as our destiny.
2. If you walk the path and not give up, you will give results exactly as expected.
3. Mind becomes eternal when it becomes still. No change is possible without movement. Truth is still, and that's why it's eternal.
4. If you can remain indifferent to other's opinion by thinking they are merely joining letters from the alphabet and offering you a garland, majority of your reaction will disappear.
5. Kundalini is love coiled at the bottom of your desires and dreams, waiting to pierce through the wheels of emotions and attachments to attain a union with your own infinite existence.

This book is one more gem from Om Swami’s jhola

Monday, July 25, 2016

'Happy Rakhi' Chocolate

This year I was planning to buy a unique present from my brothers. I searched the markets, malls and online sites but nothing different I found. While chatting with an old pal on Facebook, I came across Choco Affairzz site and found the wonderful collection of home made chocolates.
'Happy Rakhi' chocolate was very attractive. It contains four more small chocolates. I called the number given on the site and asked the owner to replace the small golden chocolates with rakhis, roli, chawal and flavoured supari.
I also bought two 'I Love Bro' chocolates from them. My little brother birthday was approaching near so I decided to give him the cassette with poems recorded in his voice by me about 15 years back.
On seeing such tempting chocolates I couldn't resist myself and bought some for my taste buds.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


"Is your name A..... Y.......?" I asked a woman who was standing beside me from the past couple of minutes in a government office.
"Yes." She said with a bit of surprise in her voice.
"You are from H..... city." I asked as it was clear she didn't recognized me.
"Yup. But how do you know?"
"I was your batchmate in Home Science college."
"Who? I....mean.....In which group you were?"
"My name is Chandrika Shubham." I told the names of my group members so that she could recognize me.
"Ya....Somewhat I can recall now. You have changed so much."
"Like what?"
"You looked like a doll in the college days and now..........."

Her mind was busy noticing changes in my physical appearance where as my mind was busy finding the answer of question 'WHO AM I?'- a ever-changing body or never-changing soul or ever-changing as well as never-changing GOD!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Whatever happens, happens for good!

I ordered a book from The cost of book was Rs. 275 and Rs. 30/- were transportation charges totalling to Rs. 305/-. I paid Rs. 300/- from the gift voucher and remaining by using net banking. I book the order on 23rd May, 2016.  The delivery was to be made on 28th May, 2016 to 2nd June, 2016. On 2nd June, the post man came to deliver a VPP. I was shocked to see my address correctly written over it and I have not ordered anything through VPP and was not expecting any packet through VPP.
He asked me to give Rs. 321/-.

On seeing the sender’s name which was written not so neatly on the packet, I told him , “I have made the payment to Planet V company through Let me call the sender’s mobile number.”
I called the number but nobody picked it up. Just to confirm, I switched on my laptop, checked my email about the payment details and found that I was correct. The payment was already made to In the mean time a person from Planet V called back. I told him, “I have made the payment then why should I pay again.”
“You have paid the money? Let me check.” I heard the voice over the phone. “You pay Rs. 321/- and we will refund what you paid earlier.”
“How will you refund the money when it was paid to And moreover, the packet doesn’t have any bill or sticker or envelop of”
I told the postman, “I do not want this and please return the book.”

I complained the matter to After a week I get the refund of my book from and from that money I bought Kundalini – An Untold Story and The Wellness Sense, two gems from Om Swami’s jhola. Well said, whatever happens, happens for good! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Even if you can't understand at least you can enjoy!

Today I went to attend exhibition-cum- workshop. The exhibition-cum-workshop was on a specific topic. It lacked attractive offers, lucrative products or sexy models. Anybody who didn’t have any personal or professional interest in the subject would definitely feel bored to death.

At the end of the event, cocktails were served starting from the opposite corner where I was sitting. Before getting up, by mistake I peeped in the mobile of a middle aged person who was sitting beside me and was typing ‘Kuch samaj mein nahin aa raha hai per maza bahoot aa raha hai’ (I can’t get anything but thoroughly enjoying the event).

Sunday, May 22, 2016

#CatchUpOnGrowth Indiblogger Meet

To attend Indiblogger Meet is always fun, sharing of information, showing creativity and above all enjoyment! I attended the first Indiblogger Meet of year 2016 in Delhi on 15th May. #CatchUpOnGrowth Indiblogger Meet at Lalit, Delhi was also of unique of its own kind as I got the chance to meet blog buddies and to attend the launch of a brand new product i.e. HorlicksGrowth+, a revolutionary development in the field of nutrition sciences. It offers advanced nutrition for growth and development in children during their crucial years of growth. It was great to participate in discussion on child development with experts, talk about blogging with blog buddies and to know more about their blogs. I had nice time in face to face meetings, sharing experiences, interacting and playing games during the event.

Registration and warm welcome from Indiblogger Team, was followed by the buffet lunch. The meal was tasty, not too spicy and lavish. I got the change to meet nice bloggers from various fields from fashion to food. It was awesome experience to meet new bloggers face to face who wrote on different subjects whom I earlier knew only virtually as I had read their blogs.

Horlicks Growth+ is the first of its kind to provide nutrition solution to the children of age group 3-9 years to catch up the lost growth in terms of weight and height. It contains specific nutrients like whey protein, growth amino acids and vitamins, minerals from natural sources to trigger the growth in children who are leaner and shorter of their age.

The programme began with the introduction session from the selected bloggers such as Shilpi Dutta, Nimi Arora, Dr. Mandira, Arvind Passey and Reena Batra who shared their experiences with children and what they had learnt from them. It was hosted by Anoop. An interesting and informative discussion was organized in which the moderator was Natasha Badhwar who was a mother of three children, media professional, entrepreneur, avid blogger and the co-owner of Ochre Sky, an online fashion brand. The discussion panel included Dr. Rajiv Chhabra, HOD of Paediatrics at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon who had worked with Max Hospital, St Mary's Hospital, Seth GS Medical College & Rajiv Gandhi Cancer institute & Research Centre, New Delhi and did his post graduate program in Paediatrics Nutrition from Boston University, USA, Ms Satinder Kaur Walia who was running her centre named 'Learning at Potential' a centre for psychological and educational assessment and Dr .Jyoti Batra who was the Head Dietitian at Batra Hospital and had also worked with Artemis, Fortis, Max & Paras Hospitals. An interactive and informative session with bloggers took place in which the bloggers actively participated. The panel with illustrations and examples answered the queries of bloggers about child growth, nutrition and eating habits. They emphasized on developing a healthy habit in children to eat healthy food which should be made interesting so that children relish them and love to eat them. Moreover, children should be allowed to eat junk food once in a while but before that child daily nutritive requirement of nutrients should be fulfilled from the healthy food. Therefore, healthy food in the morning and junk food at night could be given.

The product was launched by Amaan Khan who is the Marketing Lead for Horlicks for the Indian Sub-Continent at GSK Consumer Healthcare and earlier has rich Sales and Marketing Experience across FMCG, Healthcare & Personal Care categories across multiple geographies. Horlicks Growth+ is clinically proven to support ‘catch-up’ on lost growth in terms of weight and height reduction in children of age group 3-9 years.
Soon after the launch of the product we were offered to taste it. It is available in two delicious flavours chocolate and vanilla. I love the taste of chocolate flavour. It was so flavoursome that one mug was not enough I was wanting more. I am quite sure children will love the taste and flavour and will not be fussy about drinking it. It can be given to children in hot or cold milk or water. It can’t be mixed in juices or soups as the product contains milk powder. It can be given to child in between the meals or before sleeping so that normal regular food is not compromised. It is a boon for fussy eaters for their weight gain and overall growth. It is intended as a nutrition supplement not a meal replacement and is a nourishing beverage to be taken as part of a regular diet. It contains whey protein, essential amino acids such as Arginine, Glutamic acid, Leucine and Lysine 16. It also contains Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Zinc which are extremely important to help children catch up on height and weight in the short duration of only 6 months. It provides immune nutrients like Vitamins A, C and D, which are all known to support a healthy immune function. It is a nutritious and flavoured healthy drink clinically proven to nourish children who have fallen behind with their weight and height.

Dr. Aditya Kaushik head of Medical Affairs for Indian Subcontinent at GSK Consumer Healthcare, was a physician (MBBS, MD), had clinical and industry experience in Medical & Regulatory Affairs & Clinical Drug Development and also chaired the OTC Industry Association committee at FICCI enthusiastically answered the questions from bloggers related to nutrition and make up of Horlicks Growth+. He suggested that parents should consult a physician for the amount and time framework for giving the Horlicks Growth + to child according to age and reduction in child’s weight and height.  

Tea time was the best time to interact with the bloggers of various fields under the same roof. I got the chance to meet the fellow bloggers to discuss various aspects of blogging. After it, all the members were shuffled and were asked to make the team of ten members. I was in Team No. 4 and was given measuring tape, T-shirt, mug and Horlicks Growth plus as props which were to be used while making an advertisement of not more than 30 seconds. It was a great fun with the team while making a clipping of advertisement. 
All of us enthusiastically took part in selecting dialogues, situation, and scene background. Shooting it, was real fun! Never done it before but thoroughly enjoyed creating that masterpiece. 
No grudges that our team couldn’t win but it was master piece for us as it was the beginning of vlogging. Moreover, I believe that participation in more important than winning a game.

Holding the gift from Indiblogger and Horlicks I came out of the hotel with memorable and knowledgeable experiences. On reaching home I found, Horlicks Growth+ pack in the bag. This is the best product in the market to trigger growth in children who are falling behind on the growth curve (in terms of height & weight). For buying, it is available at all leading pharmacies, modern trade retail chains and selected grocery outlets as well as online. Horlicks Growth+ 400g pack costs Rs. 575/- only. So much in so less price!

I am looking forward to next Indiblogger meet to have fun, to share information and to exchange knowledge.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sharing of experiences in meditation

“So, when are you going to attend Yoga and Meditation Course?” Mrs. ‘V’ asked.
“I will be going by the end of July and coming back in mid of September.” I replied.
“What will they be teaching you?”
“My first course is a basic course about yoga and meditation which is of one month duration. And second course is about advance course on meditation and is of 15 days. During the first course they will give sattvik food to eat and may allow once in a while to talk on phone and to check emails. But during the second course they will give food without salt and sugar and most probably will not allow me to use mobile during the period of 15 days. To clear the first course is there preliminary requirement for attending the second course.”
“Is it really worth attending?”
“I checked on internet that people who have attended these courses have various experiences in meditation during the meditation class. The students are asked to do pranayama for 8 hours per day. With the result, the students have some unique and rare experiences while meditating.”
“After returning from there, do not forget to tell me about your true experiences in meditation that too in detail.”
“Have I ever asked you about your sexual experience?” I inquired with bit harshness in my voice.
“Are the experiences not to be shared?”

“No, they should not be, as they increase the ego-problem. They can be shared only if the person listening has experienced that himself or has a level of knowledge to understand those out of the world experiences.”