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Monday, October 24, 2016

Kaleshwar Temple, Uttarkashi

As I crossed the river Bhagirathi in Uttarkashi to go to the village Joshiyara I saw this beautiful view.

I walked further on road and then on the narrow lanes with awesome views.
I reached Kaleshwar Temple which was dedicated to Lord Shiva.
The temple was small but there were hundreds of devotees offering prayers to Lord Shiva and his family.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Was it a cosmic experience?

As the conversation on the phone heated up I got up from the bench in the park and moved close to the river Bhagirati to convey my view point properly as well as to talk a bit loud without being overheard by any. There was exchange of hot dialogues from both the sides. After it was finished, I stood there thinking that may be by mere glancing at the cool water of Bhagirati river will cool down my emotions. I spread my arms to hold the rods of the fencing and stood there for some time. As I focused on the flowing water of river Bhagirati, I felt that the river become stationary and I started moving! I was moving with a fast speed. I was enjoying the rapid movement. I was elated that it was a sort of wow movement of my life that Bhagirati river becomes stationary and I began flowing in air. Was that a cosmic experience?

I googled this experience to confirm. Somebody explained on net that it is because of relative motion. The eyes follow the moving water and keep a track. But the brain interprets it as the same signals as stationary river and flowing me in the opposite direction. Brain interprets both the signals as same. People who become sick in moving cars or buses generally experience this because of mixed signals their brains struggled with. I feel damn sick in moving vehicle! Alas! That was just an optical illusion.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Useless Formality

"Om Namah Shivaya!" I heard the voice from the other side as I picked up the phone.
"Om Namah Shivaya!" I said.
"I am H.... Are you free to talk to me for two minutes?"
"No, I am not free. I will call you after 15 minutes."
"At that time, I will not be able to take the call as my phone will be out of the coverage area. I just want to talk for 2 minutes. TWO MINUTES ONLY!"
"hmmm..." I thought there might be some emergency.
He started talking about the topic on which he wanted to talk about.
I said,"If you want to talk to me about this topic it will be better if we can talk later on as I am doing important financial transactions. Moreover, this topic will not be covered in two minutes as this is a long story."
"Please talk about this now."
I thought, "What is the need of such a useless formality if he want to talk to me when he is free, want to talk about the topic that has no concern with him and there is no emergency involved. Instead of that he should have said I am free at this time, I will talk about this topic right now and it is of no concern to me where you are free or not."

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Low cost toys

I saw the two kids walking on the road. They were coming towards me.
On coming a bit closer I noticed that they both were holding low cost scooter toys in their hands. The younger one was holding a small scooter and the elder one a large one. Both were enjoying walking along with them.
On seeing me, clicking their photos, they stopped for a while to give a nice pose! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The blind saint of Gangotri

I heard the story of the blind saint of Gangotri from Swami Hariomananda who taught us Bhagwat Gita and from a local man whom I met in shared taxi. I mixed the two and the mixture is something like this......
Once there was a saint who used to live in one of the caves in Gangotri. One night in winters, he lit the charcoal fire to keep his cave warm and closed the door of cave to retain the warmth. Next morning, he came to know that because of the excessive smoke inside the cave he lost his eye sight. Many of his followers asked him to go to doctor for his eye check-up. One of his follower was a rich industrialist of India, he brought the helicopter for him in Gangotri seeking special permission from government for that helicopter to enter in that area and spending quite large sum of money on it. He asked the blind saint, "Swamiji, Let's fly to Delhi so that your eyes can be treated in the reputed hospital." Surprisingly, the saint refused to come along him. He said, "Whatever God has given me is acceptable to me. It is God's wish and I accept it happily."

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The guy who dispelled my tensions by sharing his own!

From the past ten months, I had too many problems in my business that were causing tensions to me. I was trying my best to sort out the things but the problems were increasing in size as well as in number.
Today, when I was in Mr. ‘V’s office, waiting for the paper work to be done, a person entered the office, he introduced himself as 'H'. With his way of talking, I guessed that he was a rich businessman of the town. Mr. 'V' and Mr. 'H' must be knowing each other well as they both shared their experiences, discussed their problems and the possible solutions of them. I was listening to them, as I have no other work to do. In conversation, Mr. ‘H’ explained about his some of the business problems. And what a coincidence! Mr. ‘H’ explained almost about all those problems that I was experiencing in my business from past ten months. After knowing that he was going through the same phase in business as I was, not all but most of my tensions evaporated. :)

“Whether one has the business of 1 crore or 100 crores the problems are the same! ;)” I thought.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Market of Uttarkashi

In Uttarkashi market, one can easily find each and every article of daily use and even unique articles used in worshipping of dieties. But surprisingly this tourist place doesn't have any shops with wooden handicrafts, embroidered articles, knitted woollens, crocheted things or any other antique or decorative items. It was just like a normal town market with grocery, sweets, bakery, utensils, clothes, shoes, vegetables and fruits shops. I couldn't find anything in the market to buy gifts for friends and relatives. But two things grabbed my attention. One was the orange coloured churners which I found very attractive and second was lemon and chillies totka (a ritual to keep evil eyes away from business) in plastic though before that I have always seen this totka in fresh lemon and chillies.