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Saturday, November 14, 2009

What’s the time?

My physics tutor was very strict. I must admit that he was so authoritarian man that most of the girls couldn’t speak to him and some brave ones only dare to say ‘Yes, Sir’. None could say ‘No,Sir’. Why all students were scared of him I even today didn’t know.

One day when I reached for the class, I found none of my batch mates’ vehicles parked. I was bewildered what happened? Some of them must be present by this time. Today they bunked without informing me. In general, we all gathered out side and went together to face the physics bombardment jointly. I gathered my all courage and peeped inside, might be they were in the class. I strode. Oops! Sir looked at me and gestured me to come in. I, all alone had to enter the danger zone. I startled, took three small steps and reached near his desk.
“What’s the time now?” He asked me.
“Why Sir is asking me what’s the time? I do not wear watch.” I thought. Confused with happenings, looked up at the wall clock to tell him the correct time. As I was calculating the time he raged, “It’s not working.”

After that I didn’t laugh a miracle.

“Seriously you didn’t laugh.” My batch mates teased me when I narrated them this incidence as I couldn’t control my chuckling.

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