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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Save camel

"When I was kid, I used to call all my cousins from Delhi to visit my place. I invited them for camel viewing. We used to enjoy their rides and had great fun with their young ones." A young guy narrated me when I visited a small town in Rajasthan.
"With the rapid industrialisation of this town, from the past one year I haven't seen single camel here." He informed me gloomily.
Seeing sadness on his face I couldn't resist smiling as he got married only a year before. :)

Will we soon need a camel sanctuary? ;-) Save camel. :)

Photo : Hair art of camel in light and dark shades.


  1. we need to save a lot of things Chandu..and for that we need to change our outlook !! I wish we do that soon !

  2. Camel sanctuary !! We will continue like this till one day the animals put us all in some kind of a sanctuary !

    On another thaat art on a camel ! My God..have never seen that before

  3. Last remember seeing camels in the movie Dor... :)
    Kavi's thoughts r frightful. I hope it doesn't come real :)
    and that art on camel s really nice...

  4. i didn't get it...are the camels dying? :o

    why would anyone kill camels?

  5. with new find for oil....we might need camels, horses, bulls, elephants...whatever that has legs & has strength to carry us around..;)

  6. Very soon it will be history.
    The last time I saw a camel was at the Juhu Beach.

  7. This picture is so awesome! A camel with a tattoo. Bizarre, yet mind-blowing.

    Well, with the camel sanctuary idea. I think soon we will need a sanctuary for every endangered species in the world. Each one living in its own, poaching-free, predator-free habitat. I wonder how the food-chain will evolve to support such detachment from other fauna! Let's see. Time will tell.

  8. cool camel tatoo..
    i rode a camel a year back at ganpatipule beach...a bumpy fun ride..
    but yeah.. not only camels but many animals will soon vanish and we won;t even realise..

  9. The last time I saw a camel was out of memories! I think its better these animals survive through hard work and struggle, by helping humans and get feed, but in name of saving them, we lose there foot prints. In the list of lose animals, bulls are going to take place in future, as machineries replacing there work and space.

    The camel bears a nice design!

  10. yeah save camel, save rabbits, save deers and very soon save trees, save mountains.................

  11. दिसबंर में राजस्थान के दो गांव गया था.....खेतों में एक उँट देखा..और एक बुग्गा गाड़ी में.....लगा राजस्थान में नहीं हुं..अगर आम राजस्थानी भी अपने गांव में उँट से किनारा करने लगा है तो सिर्फ जू में ही देखने को मिलेंगे उँच शेरों की तरह..क्योंकी सेंचुरी में कौन सा जानवर सुरक्षित है ये क्या बताने की बात है...

  12. I fail to understand whats happening to the camels.. where are they going..??

    its one of the most beautiful animals.. this animal really amazes me.. I dont want it to die..

  13. Not just the camel.. A few more are going ot join the lsit of being saved... WE HUmans are not gonna learn... EVER

  14. just like tigers
    one more animal camel
    thank you for highlighting poor animal

  15. ...yeah... there's really a great need for animal sanctuary... not just for camels... it's very sad to think that most animals nowadays are really close to extinction... co'z people slaughtered them... nice words to think about...!!!:D

    Good day!!!:)



  16. Everybody is in danger these days. Camels and tigers!! We need to save forests and deserts and stop human encroachments!!

  17. Camel Sanctuary!!!!! Excellent Thought :) :)

    Thanks A Lot For Your Kind Visit :) :)[Poetry Blog] [Prose Blog]

  18. i love the camel ride sorry if animal lovers mind the post is touching

  19. >>In reply to my post<<
    @Chandrika: Thank You! :) Im very glad u liked it!

  20. It's sad to realize that indeed we'll need a sanctuary to preserve most of our fauna from going extinct. Camel ride can be a real adventure.

    Thanks for sharing this article Chandrika.


  21. Where did all the camels go, I hope they are safe?Here in Michigan, USA, our Zoo has camel rides, but they are so big I am afraid of them. This is okay, for I am afraid of Horses also. Have a nice day.

  22. its sad lot of animals are getting extinct :(..


  23. The rate we are destroying everything, naming the process as development, we may not need a sanctuary for everything, but a museum!



  24. ofcourse we need to save camel not even camel but for the well being we the youth who can initiate so many other programm ...m with you....

  25. @ I'm Nu : Changing outlook is a great idea. Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Kavi : LOL. Thanks for praising the photo. :)

    @ Suresh Kumar : These days animals can be seen only in movies, serials and cartoons. :) Kavi's thought are humorous so just enjoy them. :) Thanks for appreciating art. :)

    @ V. Archana : Thanks! :)

    @ blunt edges : Actually this post was for only for those who have brains. :-p So it was but obvious that you couldn't understand it. :-D Thanks! :)

    @ iamyuva : Time changes...:) Thanks! :)

    @ BK Chowla, : Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Vittaldas Prabhu : Ur comment as always mind-blowing! :) Thanks a million! :)

    @ Sankoobaba : Thanks for a cool comment. :)

    @ Jeevan : Machines have changed are society a lot and are still changing it with a high pace.
    Thanks for praises. :)

    @ bhagyareema : :) Thanks! :)

    @ boletobindas : Thanks for ur bold views. :) Keep visiting. :)

    @ Chanz : Camels are decreasing as a result of rapid industrialisation. Thanks! :)

    @ Bikram : We humans know it but don't try to change anything. Thanks! :)

    @ sm : Thank you for your comment. :)

    @ WINDOWLAD : Thanks Kelvin for sharing your views! :) You too.

    @ STRANGER : Thanks! :)

    @ ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ : Thanks! :)

    @ Sjmach : We have to SAVE them, Thats the spirit we all need. Thanks! :)

    @ Creativity!! : Thanks! :)

    @ sleeping beauty : Thanks for sharing ur views! :)

    @ ☆Tharangni☆ : Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

    @ Chatterbox : For adventure this creature is to be saved. :) Thanks! :)

    @ wsxwhx707 : Thanks for decorating my blog with dots. :-D

    @ Margaret Cloud : Thanks a lot for sharing ur experiences with us. :)

    @ Hemanth Potluri : Thanks! :)

    @ Bhavesh Chhatbar : :) Thanks a lot! :)

    @ vivek "Ulloo"Pandey : Thanks! :)

  26. I visited Rajasthan many years ago; it will be sad if rapid development destroys the wonderful nature and animals of India.

  27. sad...if that is really happening..
    camels sudnt be going extince this soon...i mean the reason cud there be for this?

  28. @ A Good Moroccan : WOW! Nice to know that you visited Rajasthan. :) Lets hope for the best. :) Thanks! :)

    @ Diwakar Sinha : Thanks for visitng my blog and expressing ur views. :) Keep visiting. :)