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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Home Work

“Why are you sounding so tired?” On phone, I inquired to a mother of school going boy. The boy was studying in sixth standard of a reputed convent school of the town.

“Actually I was preparing a project assigned to him.” She explained.
“And what he is going?” Surprised with the answer I asked.
“Wandering from here and there, doing nothing.”

Does the school gives home work and projects to keep parents busy or for the cognitive development of the child?


  1. I wish If my mom was like her. :( She even forced me to do her work. poor me.

  2. exactly what I feel about my neighbour and their unnecessary hullaballoo they whip up with their daughter's school and home work...

    Competitiveness and be the first driving many a parent today to do a lot of things they should let their children do by themselves or a little bit of help..

  3. ..its strange..I would never do that..I would get a no home work yellow card instead !to teach my kid ,and repercussions of no homework card!!

  4. parents should not do all of it..they can guide and ask whats the status..but thats it... but they should also not ignore their kids and say they have to do it we are not going to help...

    dont over-feed them..
    dont alienate them..

  5. thats quite unrealistic .. no parent wud spoil their children by doing their homework

  6. @above... I have seen my senior colleagues getting worried about their kid's marks, tuitions...

    Kida doesn't know how to carry a burden of their own!!!

  7. isn't that her choice...!? if she stop doing then kid might take any interest.. freakly i would be that smart kid to make others work for you if whenever possible..;)

  8. Ah yes. My parent's, rather my dad used to do that. Ultimately, sometime in middle school I asked him not to. I think he felt bad that I did! :)

  9. Most of the times, it is us parents who have to do their kids projects. Homework for my son is done by him, but projects are way too difficult for his age.

  10. Chandrika,

    I always maintained that our children do their home work or project with helping hand from us but they have to do it themselves. Now I do the same for grandchildren or tell their parents the same. They do remember their days.

    Take care

  11. of course to keep the parents busy! :P

  12. hehe..Even ma cousins go through the stage of doing assignments and projects 4 deir son..

  13. Today the scenario is such the parents are competing with each other, the ego has taken center stage. In the above case the battle is about whose kid is doing the homework better? and the parent has gone to the extent of impersonation! this is problem when people take life so seriously.

  14. Funny incident, but has an important message. Children are sometimes overburdened with homework. They need to go outdoors, mingle with other children, learn to be social and not sit at home and do homework whole day. Schools need to be a little more lenient and pragmatic. Many times they get overambitious.

  15. My mom never did anything for me..Grr..thats why i am super good at such things now..:P

  16. My parents forced me to do my own homework and project..but nowadays, I feel projects are given to keep parents busy..!


  17. But it is we the parents who are at fault. We do the projects of our children so that we can see them on the stage receiving prizez in the school functions. it is we who are selfish and in turn prevent the child from developing the cretivity themselves.

  18. Kids !!!
    Just the things they do at this age :)

  19. schools have changed a lots yaar...they give bundles full of hoe work and expect the kid to do everything but at this age kids like to play for atleast something...just for that time parents have to do the work of kids...and yeah education system should change a lot...i liked this post...will link it up :)..


  20. it all depends on the school and what they expect the kids to do. it is upto the parents to stand up and protest

  21. All schools gives projects, its upto the parents to instill a sense of responsibility in their children and make them do the projects.

    Even if the projects dont look perfect or neat the first few times, it should be left at it. The child understands slowly the need to do things on their own, if left to do it on their own. Spoon feeding doesnt help.

  22. I think parent must help the boy to get complete the project.The Boy also should take part in doing homework for his cognitive development.

  23. Home work.. that what it is .. do work at HOME.. and kids got so less time these days to do anything they got to have fun too to
    papa-mummy's JOB.. and unluckily MUMMY is the one who get the Honour of doing it

    After all is it not the mummy who will say to Monu ki Mummy ke How good her son SONU is and HOW Good STARS he got for homework.. which MONU did not get :) he heh ehe

  24. Even my mom was like that... She would help me out in my crafts class, honestly, I didnt mind it for stiching and sewing wasn't my biggest strength then (and neither is it now). Though I was embarassed once when a doll she had made won some prize and I received the award. Guilty conscious I was! lol..

  25. Parent's should definitely help the Kid's but only up to the level they need !! Excessive support to kids will make them lethargic !!Nice topic..

  26. Chandrika, nice to meet you!!!

  27. I agree with what Sankoobaba said is the duty of the parents to guide ...and at the same time ensuring that they don't spoon feed is also their duty.

  28. @ Randeep : LOL. Thanks! :)

    @ PNA : Exactly, the competition seems to be the main reason. Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Harman : Thanks for sharing ur views. :)

    @ Sankoobaba : Very true. Thanks a million. :)

    @ bibhash k jha : It is reality. Thanks! :)

    @ Jon : True. Thanks a lot! :)

    @ iamyuva : :) Thanks for the comment. :)

    @ Kavi : Thanks! :)

    @ Choco : Thanks for sharing ur experience with us. :)

    @ Rachna : Projects a bit difficult to make. Thanks! :)

    @ Jack : Thanks a million! :)

    @ blunt edges : :)

    @ sangita : Thanks for sharing ur experience.

    @ Anto : Competition between the parents. :-D
    Thanks! :)

    @ Vittaldas Prabhu : Very true. Thanks a million! :)

    @ Madhu : Lucky u! :)

    @ Rachana : :) Thanks! :)

    @ Balvinder Singh : Parents selfish motives are disturpting the proper growth of children. Thanks! :)

    @ Sat_hi_sh : Thanks! :)

    @ Hemanth Potluri : We have to bring that change. Thanks a lot! :)

    @ wanderlust : True. Thanks! :)

    @ UmaS : With practice children will learn. Thanks a lot! :) Keep visiting!

    @ prabhu.N : Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Bikram : :-D Thanks! :)

    @ Nishant Singh : Thanks for sharing ur genuine feeling with us.

    @ Unseen Rajasthan : Glad u liked it! :)

    @ patricia : Same here. :)

    @ Indian : Thanks a lot! :)