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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meditation Vs self torture

A saint in black robe meditating in front of temple was unusual sight for me. I had never seen that saint before, although passing through that route was my routine.

Everything could get roasted when the temperature is so high in afternoon; a saint was meditating in direct sunlight and fire burning around him.

Do you think it is a form of meditation or self torture?


  1. it is definitely meditation.. but for those who know what meditation actually is.. and those who know, they are not affected by heat, cold, rain or storm... Meditation itself is a difficult art. The first time I tried meditation I couldn't sit for than 30 seconds.. I became restless.. Though I still am an amateur but I could feel the benefits...

    It is definitely not about torturing your own self. And it is only for the strong-willed

  2. My beliefs say that we should practice this sort of thing in private, not showing off our spirituality to others. I find it very comforting to meditate in my favorite places: on a sailboat, while hiking, or just sitting somewhere listening to the rain. I know that God hears me wherever I am, but I feel more able to hear him if I'm still for a long time. Thanks for visiting me at Life is Good!

  3. Definitely mind over matter. Have seen saffron-robed walking in snow in the Himalayas while we were heavily clothed.

  4. Meditation for certain :)

  5. Meditation. Torture. Madness. ! Well, you never know.

    I know of a person who defines a saint as 'basically mad man...' who has chosen to relinquish the pleasures of the world !


  6. Meditation. Torture. Madness. ! Well, you never know.

  7. It is torture or meditation depending on your thought process...

  8. Hmmm... now there is a message there... I think its more about being at peace, for few minutes, even when surrounded by sadness/pain/worries.

    Meditation, for sure :)

  9. I guess Meditation if he is enjoying. The Sun is after all the source of all power.

  10. Whatever!!! his purpose is achieved :) he got your attention for a while!

  11. Kindly pass-on his e.mail address 2 me so that I can ask him whether his meditation or torture (whatever u call), can really wipe out corruption and poverty from our country.

  12. Although, I have due regards for his skills and perfection.

  13. and that too in black which absorbs more heat ! god !

  14. Self torture is not a meditation, there are many other simple ways!!

  15. its said, in meditation we forget the surroundings, someone who is able enought to be turtured sitting still in burning sun, will defenitely be able to meditate it has to be meditaion only :)

  16. torture and meditation...meditating torture!

  17. It is only after self torture that the body and mind of a human being gets seasoned and becomes ready to bear the extreme conditions, which may be physical or mental. But these should be practiced to do something good for the mankind and not for display of mere gimmicks to the public. A fauji serves in as extreme temperatures as plus fifty degrees (deserts) or minus fifty degrees (mountains) after undergoing rigorous training. But he does so in keeping the frontiers of the country safe from the enemy and not for merely showing it off on television or a public place.

  18. Chandrika,

    Read 3 posts now. Very intelligent reply to that e mail. Children will be children, for them birthday means celebrations. Each person has his or her own way for penance. It depends on one's faith. To us it may look something out of the way.

    Take care

  19. Meditation.

    Wish I knew the secret to withstand the heat!

  20. I think it is requires tremendous concentration and self belief!!!
    thanks for dropping by my blog and ur lovely comments...u too have a wonderful space here.

  21. First thanks for visiting me and commenting on ny first air travel.. You have this fantastic way of tempting people to think. I am becoming a follower.. On this, whatever it is, he must be enjoying.. one thing is true..initial attempts to meditation often become a form of self-torture.. well keep thinking and making others think too!

  22. I am compelled to think. I feel that is an incentive to test one's will. Like, if the heat doesn't affect him it would be a benchmark which others could set to attain. If not, he would know himself that he hasn't attained the level he is seeking to attain. And, I am still thinking! :-D

  23. does it matter what you & I think.!!.. bez he will do what he want to do.. so ya its subjective.. may be torture for me and meditation for him.

  24. maybe he believes in "no pain. no gain"

  25. How can one say what is pleasure or pain for other person?

    In fact one is confused about his own pleasure or pain most of the time.

  26. ... he is part of the KGB sponsored ultra top secret project to harness the infrared radiations for the clean metabolism... i cannot give u the details for obvious reasons... i guess u were able to spot him coz his 'invisibility cloak' was reported stolen... we doubt that CIA is behind all this... but we cannot confirm or deny that as of now! ... phew! :D

  27. @ Chanz : Thanks for sharing ur views about meditation. :) Meditation is indeed difficult to master.

    @ blunt edges : Thanks! :)

    @ Tina : Very true, meditation is not a thing to show off. Thanks a lot! :)

    @ The Chair Speaks : Difficult to have such a self control. Thanks! :)

    @ Anny : Thanks! :)

    @ Kavi : Thanks for ur frank views! :)

    @ Gourav Agrawal : Thanks, Gourav. :)

    @ Renu : What we think is what we feel. Thanks! :)

    @ Arv : Exactly. Thanks a lot, Arv! :)

    @ Sjmach : Thanks! :)

    @ Mohan : Whatever!!! my purpose is achieved :) I got your comment on my blog! :)
    Thanks! :)

    @ STRANGER : Thanks! :)

    @ STRANGER : Thanks a lot! :)

    @ I'm Nu : Ya! Thanks! :)

    @ SUFFIX : Thanks! :)

    @ Readers Dais : A difficult form of meditation. Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Madhu : :)

    @ Balvinder Singh : Hats off to all faujis. :) Thanks a million! :)

    @ Jack : Thanks for reading three posts. :) Keep visiting! :)

    @ Nona : Myself also want to know. :)

    @ Arti : Thanks for appreciating mine! :)

    @ Ramesh Sood : Thanks for being my blog buddy. :) Glad u liked my posts! :)

    @ Vittaldas Prabhu : May be, may be not. Thanks a lot! :)

    @ iamyuva : Very true. It can be meditation for one and torture for another. Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Sankoobaba : :)

    @ Harshad mehta : Thanks for sharing ur views with us. Keep visting! :)

    @ Atul : LOL Thanks a million for such a witty comment.