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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Techno savvy

“Let me show you my site.” I told a school going boy and clicked the buttons of keyboard.
After viewing the address bar he said confidently, “This is not your site this is your PAGE.”

All of us must have met techno savvy kids but has anyone ever meet techno savvy granny?


  1. I haven't but it is difficult to take on tech savvy kids these days.
    The most interesting part of your posts has always been, the length of the post.You say so much in such few words.
    I must also learn this from you

  2. Save Grannies, atleast.. Chandrika.. won't you. let them remain simple and talk-savvy rather then tech savvy..

  3. Hmmm !!!
    may be there are such ppl but never had the opportunity to meet them yet :)

  4. Hey, thanks for liking my post. Really appreciate your feedback. :) Looks like you are a very regular blogger. Great. All d best !

  5. Chandrika,

    First showers clean what is above ground but make a lot of slush. He stated facts, do you visit anyone these days? I too had problem of seeing some comments vanish for a few days but those returned automatically. Not yet, I am yet to see a techno savvy granny.

  6. I have seen gr8 granny bloggers…

    Hope u r not a granny… I had the picture of a woman in her 30’s ..haha

  7. The aunt of a good friend of mine started using the web when up in her eighties. I read at least one blog of a lady in her seventies. Technology is not for the young only.

  8. Well you will be amazed I have .. My friends Grandmother.. has a WEB CHAT with my friend cause he shifted to australia :) so Yeah i have i think because she can set it all up herself without help :)

  9. Thanks for stopping by my Art Blog... and your nice comment.

  10. @ everyone : Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)