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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Your best work

While reading guidelines for submission of short story to a reputed magazine I come to know that they want me to submit my one of my best work. I can’t decide which my best or worst work is, really I can’t. Even if someone ask me which is my best blog I am undecided because I can write and I find myself unable to judge my own writings.

Do you guys know which is your best work/ blog till date?


  1. No. Some of my texts I like very much are met with yawn by readers.

  2. Sure,i do.
    Incidentally,which is the magazine in question?

  3. Chandrika,

    It is not difficult as one which is written with your heart in it is the one.

    Take care

  4. @ Everyone : Thanks. And special thanks to 63mago and Jack. :)