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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Passion or Poison?

In the parking for Budhajayanti garden, I saw a teen age girl sitting on a bike. It seems that she was waiting for her boyfriend. A smile appeared on her face and disappeared as quickly as it has appeared. Her boyfriend threw a piece of brick towards her. It didn't hit the target because of her rapid movement. He came closer and slapped her tight and hit her hard on leg. She was shocked. He grabbed her face as she tried to explain the situation. She tried again to stop him with her hands and with the result only his grip became tighter on her face and neck. She coughed. He released her. She sat down once again on bike to calm herself. She explained that she was waiting here for him from the past one and a half hour. He screamed and shouted for not waiting for him on the decided point. In the meantime the bike owner came and asked them to vacate it. They moved aside. He also complained her for not calling him. She tried to explain again that there was some signal problem here.  

What will be the future of this love story break up or reunite?

(Answer in comment section)