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Saturday, August 17, 2013

GOD stands up?

I was doing my prayers in a temple. And I was about to move then a person, stranger to me said "You must listen to me! It is beneficial for you!!"
Out of respect, I stayed to hear him. He stopped two more persons of different age groups in the similar manner.
"When one bows his head before GOD like this." While narrating, he put his head on the slab in front of the deity. And the priest put his hands on deity's feet and then on his head, showering GOD's blessings on him.
"Then only GOD stands up to shower blessings to us. And when GOD stands up what else one wants."

Do you think it is a spiritual teaching or a mere stupid joke? 


  1. I think the stranger was craving some attention!! Moreover, India is a land where people give people give free advice, so it could be a spiritual teaching..

  2. Chandrika..I am here after a long time and trust me enjoyed many a post by you..your humour remains intact...wonderful..hope you too will visit me...tell me.. Won't you?


  3. My comment to the story is, "Never try to judge the level of spiritual depth in anyone". Listening, hearing,reading, writing, even thinking is 'mental' process, while spirituality is the arena of experiences of the heart. To me, simple things made complex is spirituality; this is preaching of my Guru