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Monday, September 2, 2013

Self surrender

The host (foreigner) of the program 'Road less travelled' on History India TV was on a spiritual journey. He visited various spiritual places in India.
He visited one of the Hanumanji's Temple. He told the viewers that Hanumanji is a devotee of Lord Rama. He showed the Temple from various angles explaining its importance. The priest of the Temple briefed him about the life of Hanumanji. The host asked, "As I have visited India, what good quality should I take back with me?" The priest replied, "SELF SURRENDER! Like Hanumanji who has fully surrender himself into Lord Ram's feet and his mission, one should also completely surrender oneself to the Lord, goal, ambition or purpose of life."

Dear readers, what good quality should one take back from your country?


  1. Eigensinn.

    Maybe self-will would be an appropriate translation.

  2. Whether you want or not, take it with you or "leave' behind, India as a whole is a thought process (described in Vedas as "Rit") which catches you. Amusing mythology, incomprehensible variations of both people, cultures, practices & the human consciousness as a whole marks your thought process with indelible ink ... Like it or not, but once you land on Indian soil, you are bound to be "Indianized". Chandrika, I long to see you writing travel accounts- may be short ones. Buck up lady, i am your follower over blogger

  3. Chandrika,

    Good memories and good habits.

    Take care