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Friday, November 22, 2013

Height of disappointment!

"Did you play with the fish toy which I gave you?" I asked the kid.
"That fish toy which grows big when we put in water and squeeze back to normal size when dried." He replied.
"Yes. Did you enjoy playing with it?"
"Not much."
"For a week I played with it. On previous Monday I put it in water tub in my courtyard so that it grows big by absorbing water. Next day, I heard some noises in my courtyard. I ran to see what's the matter! A cat had picked up the fish toy in its mouth and was trying hard to break it. I shooed it to save my toy. But it was too late. The cat ran away leaving the fish in pieces."
"I will buy a new toy for you." I assured him.

 I wonder how much that cat must be disappointed to find that it was not a real fish!