Sunday, March 16, 2014

Simple Vastu by Chandrika Shubham

This is the cover page of book authored by me. Simple Vastu is my first book on Vastushastra, ancient science of constructing buildings and houses. I hope my readers like it!:)


  1. Thanks Harish.:) Yes, it is published. :)

  2. It may be silly, but allow me to ask: The needle in the Windrose on the cover of the English edition points 10 ° to the Left / NNorthWest - while on the cover of the blue Hindi edition it points ten degrees to the Right / NNorthEast. Is there something behind it or is just for giving variety ?

  3. @ 63mago - Just to give variety. :) There is a change in background design, background color and compass. And also the needles of compass as mentioned by you!:) What a minute observer you are! :) Thanks for commenting! :)