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Monday, October 20, 2014

Say NO to crackers

Birds are easily frightened with the loud noise of crackers. Fireworks lasting for hours are torture for birds. Fireworks can cause health damage to birds. They can be shocked which can cause even their death.
Birds can lose their direction of flight for quite some time because of the unexpected glare of rockets. Birds that get near to exploding fireworks become victims of burns and eye damage.
Celebrate a cracker free Diwali and say NO to fire crackers and BUY a home for a pair of birds.
Bird houses/ nest boxes are available in different sizes for all charming birds living in or near your locality.
Contact – Chandrika Shubham



  1. I love these small feather balls. In winter I feed them a bit on my balcony.
    Hour-long fireworks ? Thankfully this crashbangboom-nonsense is limited to one occasion in the year here, the evening of 31st of December, the last day of the Western year. Terrible for cats and dogs too.

    BTW I saw interesting birdhouses some days ago that had a kind of entrance protection. And they were longer than usual, so that critters can not climb into it. They are not higher, but longer, so that the entrance is more away from the tree. I saw them hanging in a park, but had no photograph to snap them for you.

  2. If you ever see those bird houses again then click them for me! :)