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Friday, May 8, 2015

Gender Equality at home

“Yesterday we returned from a five day tour of Rajasthan. The house was extremely dirty and it took me six hours to do the dusting, mopping and changing bed sheets. My mother cooked the food for the family while I washed all the dirty clothes we accumulated in our journey. Oh! I am hell tired. And I am feeling sleepy in the office.” Ms. ‘F’ said.
“When you were working was your brother busy?” I asked.
“Yes, He was watching the cricket match between India and Pakistan.”
“But he could have helped you in washing clothes. These days, it is very easy to clean dirty clothes because of good washing powder like Ariel.”
“My father and brother don’t help us in work chores. On returning home after office hours they both either watch T.V. or read newspaper or sometimes play video games on laptop.”
“Auntiji and you both must be dog tired after working for whole day in office and doing all household work without any maid.”
“My mother screams more frequently on me than earlier. I feel it is because of decrease in her efficiency with the increase in age where as the pressure of work at office and home remains the same.”
“You should convince uncle that aunty is now not able to cope up with the office and household work because of that she screams and shouts more. Any family member can’t divide her office work but atleast you all can together lessen her work pressure at home. You should persuade uncle to help aunty in household chores like chopping vegetables, attending door bells, washing clothes, watering plants and serving food. When uncle will start helping aunty in household chores your brother will follow his example. Look as soon as I am out of the house my husband look after the house from cooking food to looking after the kids. As you know my parents and in-laws live with us, he takes care of them as well. Proudly I will say, he earns more than me and manages the house even better than me! Last weekend lots of guests turned up in our house and the maid took an unexpected leave. There was a huge pile of soiled dishes which he cleans all alone while I was cleaning the house, changing the bed sheets and cushion covers and helping the kids in doing their home work. After finishing our respective works, we all sit together to watch the latest release of Ranbir Kapoor. We have a gender equality at home that’s why we all enjoy life as no need arise to vent out the frustrations accumulated because of imbalance in household work. Our life is balanced and happier as we have gender equality at home.”

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