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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Whatever happens, happens for good!

I ordered a book from The cost of book was Rs. 275 and Rs. 30/- were transportation charges totalling to Rs. 305/-. I paid Rs. 300/- from the gift voucher and remaining by using net banking. I book the order on 23rd May, 2016.  The delivery was to be made on 28th May, 2016 to 2nd June, 2016. On 2nd June, the post man came to deliver a VPP. I was shocked to see my address correctly written over it and I have not ordered anything through VPP and was not expecting any packet through VPP.
He asked me to give Rs. 321/-.

On seeing the sender’s name which was written not so neatly on the packet, I told him , “I have made the payment to Planet V company through Let me call the sender’s mobile number.”
I called the number but nobody picked it up. Just to confirm, I switched on my laptop, checked my email about the payment details and found that I was correct. The payment was already made to In the mean time a person from Planet V called back. I told him, “I have made the payment then why should I pay again.”
“You have paid the money? Let me check.” I heard the voice over the phone. “You pay Rs. 321/- and we will refund what you paid earlier.”
“How will you refund the money when it was paid to And moreover, the packet doesn’t have any bill or sticker or envelop of”
I told the postman, “I do not want this and please return the book.”

I complained the matter to After a week I get the refund of my book from and from that money I bought Kundalini – An Untold Story and The Wellness Sense, two gems from Om Swami’s jhola. Well said, whatever happens, happens for good! :)

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