Saturday, September 24, 2016

Rainbow greeted ‘Hi’ n ‘Bye’

On my first day in Netala, Uttarkashi the rainbow appeared on the eastern sky in afternoon. The sun was bright; sky was bit cloudy so the arc formed was quite big with distinct colours. It seemed as if the rainbow was smiling and saying ‘Hi’ and welcoming me to the new world which was calm and serene. It was a pleasant surprise that nature had to offer me.

On my last day in Netala, Uttarkashi the rainbow appeared around the moon. It was a cloudy night and the moon rays get scattered around in a circle. It created a dim rainbow in which the red colour was more prominent. It seemed that it whispered ‘Adieu’ to me. A mesmerising view indeed it was! 

In Hindi, we call it ‘chanda ka hala’. In English I don’t know the exact word for the rainbow around the moon. Does anyone know what it is called?

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