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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dream Interpretation

“I saw my boyfriend dressed totally in black color. His face was powdered with black color. He was laughing uncontrollably. I told him that he looked like a ghost. I woke up sweating.” A girl of marriageable age told me.

“Strange dream!” I said.

“I can’t understand what this strange dream means?!? Interpret for me what this means as Chandrika, you have read lots of books on dream interpretation. I only know that I really love him and desperately want to marry him” She looked at me with curious eyes.

Should I tell her that this dream indicates that her marriage with him will not be possible or should I tell her that forget it as it is just a dream not reality?


  1. Don't tell her anything.. She wouldn't believe you anyway..

  2. If you feel she has a strong heart.. then why not try saying?

  3. Tell her to carry on with her life as usual.

  4. If it intends something bad for her, tell her.

    (Wonder what you did.)

  5. Chandrika,

    Normally dreams are based on the last thoughts in the sub-conscious mind of a person just before drifting off to sleep and as such person may already have some apprehensions of what to expect. You may tell her what you feel if you think it will do good to her.

    Take care

  6. I would ask what she thought first :)