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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Need an Editor

Dear Ms. Shubham,

Thank you for submitting your work to ........ magazine. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept it for publication at this time. We would like to recommend that you consider getting some editorial help to correct grammatical problems in your story. This will help your submissions in the long run.
Again, thanks for sending your work to us—and best wishes in your
literary pursuits.

I have some short stories written by me-all return back with the same reason. I need some editorial help to correct my grammatical mistakes.
Should I advertise in newspapers or contact good publication houses?  


  1. Contact some publication house,if you are convinced that content is good

  2. Chandrika,

    You can do it yourself if you learnt to. Otherwise you may contact some good professor of English.

    Take care

  3. That's one of the jobs we do, but only for Geman texts, sorry.