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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Beautiful cup lights

This photo grabs my attention in first look because it looks beautiful and attractive. The cups and plates are very innovatively used to make lamps. I loved the way how unused or incomplete set of crockery can be converted into beautiful cup lights. Drill a hole in the middle of saucer and cup and paste them together with epoxy glue. Add a cord and fitting to hold the light bulbs. Lampshades made out of used crockery are ready to be used. They can be hung in row or unevenly to decorate the house.

I liked the article ‘Make or Break’ very much on the Crafts section of  Rewardme. It explains in detail how unused and incomplete sets of crockery can be used to create wonderful items like various sizes of cupcake stands, holders to hold jewellery or other small items, reading lamps etc. The article is written in a very simple language explaining each and every point in detail.  The loveliest d├ęcor pieces can be created by playing with colors and different types of ceramics.

New designer cupcakes or cake stands can be created by placing the saucers and plates at the base of cups, small bowls and egg cups. Epoxy glue can be used to glue the pieces together and stay there longer. Silicon glue or glue gun provides a weaker bonding. The crockery items can be mixed and match to give a total new look to tea set. Combination of different sizes and colours can be used to create new pretty stands which can be displayed on your kitchen shelves.

For creating something innovative out of ceramics they need to be drilled. It should be done with utmost attention. For that one requires some practice and patience. A cylindrical diamond bit should be used for ceramics which usually have a tip through which water can flow to keep the ceramic item cool. The item should be kept wet wile drilling as it will prolong the life of ceramic drill. To avoid any slippage, drill a hole on a wooden block of the same size needed on the ceramic piece and hold the block while drilling. First drill a small groove and then hold the drill upright and drill the whole circle. The manufactures guidelines on speed drilling should be followed. Most importantly be patient while drilling otherwise it will break or crack.

To create the best out of the waste this is the best article!

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