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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sharing of experiences in meditation

“So, when are you going to attend Yoga and Meditation Course?” Mrs. ‘V’ asked.
“I will be going by the end of July and coming back in mid of September.” I replied.
“What will they be teaching you?”
“My first course is a basic course about yoga and meditation which is of one month duration. And second course is about advance course on meditation and is of 15 days. During the first course they will give sattvik food to eat and may allow once in a while to talk on phone and to check emails. But during the second course they will give food without salt and sugar and most probably will not allow me to use mobile during the period of 15 days. To clear the first course is there preliminary requirement for attending the second course.”
“Is it really worth attending?”
“I checked on internet that people who have attended these courses have various experiences in meditation during the meditation class. The students are asked to do pranayama for 8 hours per day. With the result, the students have some unique and rare experiences while meditating.”
“After returning from there, do not forget to tell me about your true experiences in meditation that too in detail.”
“Have I ever asked you about your sexual experience?” I inquired with bit harshness in my voice.
“Are the experiences not to be shared?”

“No, they should not be, as they increase the ego-problem. They can be shared only if the person listening has experienced that himself or has a level of knowledge to understand those out of the world experiences.” 

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