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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bottle gourd

Every year, we used to grow bottle gourd along with other vegetables in our kitchen garden, in summers. The vine of bottle gaurd spreads speedily on trees if irrigated well. It bears white flowers. Its fruit is light green with smooth skin and white flesh used as vegetable. Its juice, raita and cooked form 'sabzi' are nutritive as well as light to digest.

In the photographs, longest bottle gourd ever grown in our kitchen garden is displayed by the kitchen gardener Bahadur. His naughty daughter Kavita insisted to be clicked along with bottle gourd. She wanted to take the credit herself as she has once irrigated the vine bed. Thats a different thing that she forgot to change the position of hose pipe which resulted in over flowing.


  1. Achha laga... warna is swarthi zamane me BAHADUR aur uski BETI ke baare me sochne ke liye kiske pass time hai...
    well done Chandrika....

    One more thing...
    I will be happy to see your writeups on your blog. And where are you in Rewari? Last month I was in Rewari for one day, but i had not your cell no.. so I was unable to call or message you...

  2. Hi Ek gramin. What a pleasant surprise! Thanks for appreciating my efforts.
    Yaeh, I am looking after my family business at Rewari. If media persons will be visiting my blog frequently then it will definitely become popular soon. :-) So keep visiting it.