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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Do not pluck flowers

In a garden, a signboard read as 'Do not pluck flowers'. It was fixed in the mid of a Lantana camara (Spanish Flag) bush. It grabbed my attention as in this region, Lantana camara is a weed and comes up vigorously, requires very less water. If consumed, it causes indigestion to sheep, cattle and horses. It is a very big threat to the population of native plants.

Lantana camara bears multi-colored tiny flowers with no fragrance. But this very bush have dull yellow colored inner and outer rings. The stems are square in shape covered with bristly hair or scattered small prickles. The leaf blades are oval, rough and hairy. Even touching this plant may cause skin irritation or allergy. Its berries are poisonous if ingested. In short each and every part of it is poisonous.

Will anybody like to steal such flowers whose after effects will be rushing to hospital? :-D


  1. Cant really comment on this since I dont like flowers.:)

  2. May be this is to teach lessons to those who even after reading the notice do just the opposite :P

  3. may be the ignorants !..I dont like plucking flowers even otherwise.

  4. This will be of interest to only those who are flower lovers.

  5. Here in arid Arizona, lantana are popular. I guess it's because they ARE tough and don't need much water.

  6. I havent seen or heard of this plant till today...the only plant I remember giving us problems was Parthenium also known as 'congress grass' which thrived in every empty space where I lived and it caused my mom to sneeze a lot.

  7. Well, I for one would leave these flowers alone :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment. I have joined up to follow yours.

  8. The notice board may be to give warning not to pluck flowers just to save the people from its harmful effects. But since the forbidden fruit is sweeter, the notice can have adverse effect. Thanks for sharing.

  9. @ Mama Zen : Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Jaggu : If u don't like flowers then what do u like? THORNS. :-D Thanks!

    @ Nu : LOL. Thanks!

    @ Renu : Thanks for sharing ur views. :)

    @ BK Chowla : Thanks for ur quick visit and quick comment. :)

    @ tom sullivan : Lantana Camara grows fast, don't require much water and are not eaten by herbivorous animals, are the few reasons of its vigrous growth.
    Thanks a lot, Tom sullivan. :)

    @ Reflections : Very true, congress grass is also a weed which grows very fast. Some people are allergic to it. Thanks! :)

    @ Tabitha Bird : :) Thanks for ur visit, comment and being my blog buddy. :)

    @ Balvinder Singh : Interesting comment. :) Thanks for being my blog buddy. :)

    @ cinner : Thanks a lot! :)

  10. In our society, we think its a birthright to pluck any flowers, within our reach; even though they may be in someone else's garden. You just need to observe early morning seniors with walking sticks , out for a walk, who sometimes use the sticks to pull a branch.

    So the person who put up that sign probably thought he should save some such people from all the itching etc.

    But I have my doubts about whether the sign had any effect.

  11. Is the sign board actually working as making people pluck flowers (as Indians generally tend to ignore such signs) and then suffering from the harmful effects. Maybe that would act as a lesson for them never to pluck flowers. Just a thought :)

  12. may be thats the very reason why they put up this board ;-)

  13. Mebbe the sign is meant for animals. LOL

  14. maybe its 4 ignorant pepole like me ;)

  15. I know for one thing, this may be a trick Because human nature is to do exactly opposite, so someone might have played a trick.. Ki someone will read the notice and still pluck and get the Irritation.. yayyyyy

    they say curiosity did kill the cat :)
    Oh I just realised someone has already made this comment..

    so other then that i dont know why, i love gardening so i dont see anything wrong with the flowers, everything is beautiful , it depends on the eyes of the LOOKER...

  16. @ Ugich Konitari : Some morning walkers does such things. No doubt. May be that is so severe that even hardy plant like Lantana Camara needs caution sign boards. Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Rachna : A good lesson for flower thieves. :) Thanks for ur comment. :)

    @ sandeep : :) Thanks!

    @ Bhagyashree : Only educated ones! :-D Thanks.

    @ blunt edges : After reading this post, do u still think u r ignorant. ;-) Thanks!

    @ Bikram : Thanks a lot, Bikram! :) A few human beings find pleasure in doing those things that r fobidden. And the result sometimes is.......:)

    Flowers r really beautiful and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

  17. The first thing that popped into my mind was... why not take out the plant and put out a plant that does not need a sign next to it? It is just such an odd thing to need a sign for a plant when plants exist that clearly need no sign.

    The plant must have deep connections to them.

    Kindest regards,
    Tom Bailey

  18. LOL...may be it can be used to drive away ur enemies...glee where can i find em??? :P

  19. Considering the risks, I wonder why they planted them in public?

  20. that is some thinking done... couldn't help but smile... great insights though...

    take care and keep writing............

  21. :D

    Interesting flowers... Good to present to some great profs. :P

  22. indeed a wonderful lesson taught to those who doesn't care of it ..

    visit my blog

  23. people have curiosity to check ,even if its or wild ..even after the caution word!!!

  24. Ah... maybe... especially if that person unable to read this post... i must admit, it's my first encounter to those kind of weeds... so i might able to pick some... thanks for the info.... I'll surely remember that plant...!!!:)

    Good day!!!:)


  25. Ha! That's like saying, "Please do not enter the crocodile pond" in a zoo! But you know, if I were there I would've perhaps grabbed a couple of flowers and smelled it, and explaining any further would be trivial. So, I see that the sign does have some utility. But I get your point, more than a sign requesting visitors not to pluck flowers, a warning sign describing the dangers would've been better. They invested in the wrong sign! ;-)

  26. @ Tom Bailey : Thats exactly what I want to do. :)

    Sentimental connections with that plant may be possible. Thanks, Tom!

    @ Madhu : lol. Glad u liked it. :) Weed can be found everywhere. :) Thanks!

    @ Georgiana : Its a big question. Why??? Thanks! :)

    @ Thousif Raza : Tomato is smiling. :) Gr8! :) Thanks, Thousif Raza.

    @ Tulika : Prof who give less marks. :) Thanks!

    @ Tripat "Prerna" : Yeah, a good lesson. :) I have already visited ur blog. It is nice. Keep writing and commenting on my blog. :-D Thanks!

    @ Harman : Thanks for ur lovely comment and being my blog buddy. :) Keep visiting. :)

    @ WINDOWLAD : Thanks for ur words of encouragement. :) Thanks a lot, Kelvin! U too. :)

    @ Vittaldas Prabhu : LOL. Thanks for such a humorous comment. :)

  27. interesting post... thank you for visiting our blog... you have a nice space here... following you

  28. thanks for popping over today and leading me back here. i think there are enough things we reach for that we know are bad for us to answer that question...

  29. @ AdukalaVishesham : Thanks for ur visit, comment and kind words. :) Visit again. :)

    @ Brian Miller : So nice of u. :) Very true. Thanks a lot! :)

  30. gee very scary and interesting too!
    please come by my blog again and make a comment thank you!

  31. Thanks a lot, natalie!:) yaeh, sure. :)

  32. We (most of the Indians) are known for doing what is prohibited. Already 33 crore Devi-devta (God) doing their job here day and night but no result visible. I don't know why I suggest idea like this :-

  33. We have lantana here in the yard, although here in the southwest of California, they sell lantana plants in the nursery. Mine have multicolored pink and yellow and white little blooms.

  34. @ STRANGER : Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Sandy : Thanks for ur lovely comment. :)

  35. We have this plants near our home and u post is very helpful to be aware.

  36. @ Jeevan : Glad u find my post informative. :) Thanks! :)