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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


A little bit lazy person I was, so took this photo while sitting on my seat. There was not much space to move. It was raining cats and dogs and the crowd was huge to attend the function. Muddy puddles were formed here and there. Rain water was seeping from the tent ceiling when extra polythene sheets could no longer hold it. Heavy showers led to the formation of small pools on the ceiling which were constantly dripping. To find a dry seat was tough and to detain it was much tougher. :)

It was the fifth annual function of Gaushala (cattle house) in a tiny village Mangali. It is run and organised by self help group. Homeless, hungry and injured cows are brought here. It provides food, shelter and medical treatment to them.

The villagers were concerned about the welfare of the innocent animals. They were eager to do everything. Local businessmen, farmers, housewives and senior citizens were enthusiastically taking part and giving donations delightfully. Children were giving money out of their piggy banks. A child in shabby clothes shivering from cold, came forward and gave one rupee as charity.

Who sacrificed more, a rich chap who gave 500 bucks from his pocket money or a poor one who gave all his treasure; one coin.


  1. ur question reminded me of the old days of DD and 'Vikram aur Betaal' when in the fag end Betal would ask a question. According to me the charity of the poor is more magnanimous

  2. What a gesture!!

    Truly magnanimous.

  3. @ Sundeep : Thanks, Sundeep. :)

    @ Bhagyashree : Now if the answer is correct even then I will not fly like Betaal. Don't worry. :) Thanks a lot!

    @ Tulika : Thanks, Tulika. :) Keep visiting. :)

  4. You made me smile
    lovely story :-)

    Thanks for your visit
    you are welcome its just fun !!


  5. well giving cant be compared...(call it)situation put them in their place (poor n rich) but both had good intention to give, to share.

  6. @ Anya : Thanks a lot for visiting mine and making me smile. :)
    Keep visiting. :)

    @ iamyuva : Well said, iamyuva. Giving without seeking anything in return is really a good intention. Thanks! :)

  7. hey chandrika my latest post is dedicated to u

  8. The rain God seemed to have appreciated the kind gesture and so rained cats and dogs. Did the last event, the boy donating one rupee, really happen? If so, it is quite incredible and the answer is very simple to the question - it is the boy's charity that has more weightage than the rest.

  9. Hi Chandrika,

    O, a wonderful parable... very interesting and captivating... I really enjoyed the read...!!!:)

    BTW, thank you for taking time visiting my li'l room of poetry.... your appreciation made me happy... thanks and keep visiting!!!:)

    Good day!!!:)


  10. What an interesting event, and how uplifting for those who participated.

  11. एक बहुत सुन्दर चित्र उकेरा गया है आपकी कलम के माध्यम से .. भारतीय ग्रामीण समाज में आज भी जीवन मूल्यों के प्रति जो आस्था है यह सहेजने के लायक चीज़ है .. यह कुछेक उज्वल पक्ष हैं हमारे समाज के .. लेकिन कुछ अन्य पक्षों पर विचार करें तो बंटाधार हो चुका है .. रही बात एक रूपये और ५०० रपये की सो इस मामले में किसी तुलना का कोई औचित्य नहीं दिखता ..

  12. Heart warming story. Answer is quite clear btw :)

  13. Hi Chandrika, it's nice to meet you.
    Yes, giving out of one's abundance is different than sacrificing to give isn't it?
    Thank you for visiting me, and taking the time to leave a comment. It is still a wonder to me to know we can so easily communicate with others across the world. It certainly expands our own worlds!!


  14. Oh I meant to tell you your fabric paintings are lovely. I like how the "mistake" turned out for good. That happens a lot in my paintings!

  15. wow..humanity still persists.. magnanimous...I liked your thoughts..ur way of uplifting, simply ignorable things in society...keep it up!

  16. Many thanks for visiting me over at Pen And Paper, it was nice to meet you. What a wonderful event, it's good to know people care.

  17. What a wonderful function! Thank you for sharing the details, as I had never heard of this event.

  18. @ Bhagyashree : Its really kind of u to say so. :) Thanks a million. :) U have raised a burning issue that we shouldn't depend on govt but do some good work by forming groups. Great idea!!

    @ Jaggu : Thanks a lot! :) Keep visiting.

    @ Vittaldas Prabhu : Rain drops were gold pieces for farmers. :) I want to know the views of others on this incidence so wrote about it. Its nice to hear that u weighted more for sacrifice. :)

    @ Windowlad : Hi Kelvin. Thanks for visiting mine, reading posts and commenting. :) Whenever u find time please visit again. :)
    Have a nice day!

    @ Robin : Thanks, Robin. It was a soul uplifting movement. :)

    @ shyam 1950 : Thanks a lot for the sweet words in Hindi. :) In every society there are some positive aspects and some negative. It becomes our duty as a citizen to increase postivity in the society and decrease negativity. Thanks for ur valuable comment. :)

    I am so sorry I can't type in Hindi. Visit again. :)

    @ Dhanya : Thanks for ur appreciation and comment. :)

    @ Mary : Hi Mary. Same here. Thanks a million for ur praises and valuable insight. :) We all can communicate through net. Miles of distances are only a click away.

    @ Mary : Sometimes, mistakes lead to good results. I like ur heart paintings. :) Simple and colorful with a deep message, they are. :)

    @ Prerna : Thanks a lot, Prerna for ur appreciation. :) I liked ur way of motivation. :)

    @ ....Petty Writer : Many thanks for visitng mine and appreciating it. :) Its was really good to know u. :)

  19. @ Alexia561 : I think the credit goes to internet which helps us in communicating. :) Thanks a lot! Keep visiting! :)

  20. Thats well written...or say well observed!! laziness pays sometimes!! Thanks for droppin by and followin my blog..:)

  21. why only cows? what about other animals?

  22. Hmmm.. Well written, I guess both are ok, what one can afford , one does.. Though I must say they both should be looked at with same eyes and not one gave so much and the other less..

    Nice one ..

  23. @ Madhu : Thanks for your nice views and being my blog buddy. Its nice to meet u. :)

    @ Uncommon Sense : Nobody leaves other animals on roads to suffer. Thanks!

    @ Bikram : Thanks for ur opinion, Bikram. :) Yaeh, one should donaate what one can. Keep visiting.

  24. Helping animals is a noble deed.

    PS: Nice post and a good blog.

  25. I am really touched of this post, Chandrika. Glad to know that everyone takes part of how they can help the cows.

    thanks for the visit.

  26. @ eden : Thanks a lot, eden. :) Whenever you have time Please visit again.

  27. Its so obvious!! Such magnanimity of the poor...Give all you have

    And so thoughtful of you to share this incident. Thank you

  28. Hi Insignia : Thanks for ur precious comment and compliments. :) Visit again. :)

  29. n who knew 1rupee could be such a big amount!

  30. i think the poor boy contribution is more who gave a coin he had with him! today in our country many rich people donates money bcoz they get revision in incometax payments! even richpeople gets high hounary awards like padma awards but they are many common people in our country who contribute more than a rich persons!

  31. @ blunt edges : That I will be writing a blog on it and intellectuals will be reading it. :) Thanks! :)

    @ T. Hemanth Kumar : Very true, sometimes a common man's contribution is worth mentioning. :)

  32. well described..

    hmm.. what matters is not what is donated..
    what matters is "From" what, what is donated.

  33. Thanks a million, Sindhu Bhairavi. Exactly, it does matter who is donating what. :)

  34. oh chandrika ! i liked your style of thanking each and every commentator with such a beautiful personal touch .. thanks for aal this thankfulness.

  35. @ shyam1950 : Thanks for ur kind words. I liked to chat as I am reserved chit-chatter. :) I left a comment on ur post but it was not published. :(

  36. Reserved chitchat: a perfect counterpoint. I like your aspiration!