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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Best wishes

Yester morning, door bell rang. I opened the door. Mail boy delivered me a white envelop. I opened it and found a greeting card. The card was so simple, beautiful and full of nice words that I couldn't resist myself from writing a blog on it.

It was from an eighty-two years old retired person. He always sends birthday wishes, anniversary greetings and blessings to all in the locality. It is a good way to keep himself busy by pouring positive vibrations in other's life and filling their's life with positivity.

What can be other possible ways by which a senior citizen can keep himself busy and happy?


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog Chandrika. I like yours. It is added to my reading list. All good wishes :)

  2. Beautiful...

    Its all about being happy and pursuit to make a happier world !!!

  3. Wow.. CambrigeLady above stole my exact comment! :-)

  4. Hi Chandrika, beautiful name by the way, and how fun to have you come visit my little corner of the world! So many things a senior citizen can do depending on their ability to get out... even just going to visit other seniors that can't get out, baking or cooking for someone, helping with errands, volunteer work... oh gosh, so many things :)

  5. Well at this age what they want mostly is some company , so if they cant do it maybe we whoud do it , spend an hour with them everyday or every other day ..

    Maybe play cards or just talk with them.. tell them whats going on outside in the world..

    Do there shopping for them etc etc ...

  6. Hi, so nice to meet you Chandrika!

    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog.

    Cards in the mail always bring a smile to me and the blessing of feeling loved.

  7. How cute and warm...
    Thanks for your comment!
    Do come back again!

  8. I think there is a lot that can be done by the senior citizens.
    Blogging is one.
    I do

  9. Agree with Mr Chowla there. :) There is a lot they can do. I have more than one examples in the family.

    The post card is lovely. The simplicity says it all!

  10. @ CambridgeLady : Thanks for ur visit, comment and being my blog buddy. :) Best wishes. :)
    Keep visiting. :)

    @ Tulika : Thanks Tulika for nice words. :)

    @ Varun Yagain : Thanks Varun for comment and being my blog buddy. :)

    @ Vicky : Thanks for the compliments! :) Glad that u like my name. :)
    Senior citizen can do a lot to keep themselves busy and happy. Social sevice seems to be a good option.

    @ Bikram : Company is what a senior citizens want the most as the younger generation gets less time to spend with them.
    Thanks for the nice suggestions. :)

    @ crochet lady : Its nice to meet you. :) Thanks for visiting mine and for kind words. :)

    @ Cursed♪♫ : Thanks! :) Yaeh sure. :)

    @ BK Chowla : Blogging is the best way to keep oneself busy and to share one's experiences with masses. :) Thanks a lot! :)

    @ G : Glad that u liked the simplicity of the card. :) Thanks! :)

  11. I just love getting cards, specially hand written ones:)

    Senior citizens can do a lot, depends on their health..take lot more interest in surroundings,in society work in apartments and may be counselling domestic servants and being an advisor to them.

  12. Hi Chandrika,

    Just live a simple and positive life... no other things... you'll 100million percent be happy!!!:D Hope there's someone here like that man... Thanks for sharing... i enjoyed the read!!!:)

    Keep safe!!!:)


  13. that is so very swt really, awesomely swt :), well i wish you more such wishes ahead...

    and thank you for the appreciation on my blog... :)

    take care and keep writing........

  14. Lovely way of expression and to keep oneself busy. was the card for some occassion or aise hi?

  15. He's found a very nice way for his age that many elders are not able to find. So sweet of him!

    The Day

  16. its good idea
    thanks for sharing

  17. thats so nicely nice of him...guess thats what make senior people special..simple expressions!

  18. that senior citizen has found a good way to keep himself busy and happy, good for him!

  19. My mother is 72 years old and she keeps herself happy by immersing herself in work that she likes to do. It is as simple as that. She liked to do Yoga, she likes to visit the park and read a book in the pleasant atmosphere there, she likes to visit the temple close to our house. And thus, she keeps herself happy and hence she is always at peace with herself.

  20. Belated wishes on the day ! Sometimes the energy and focus thats there in people of that era.... makes me want to hide under a pillow !

  21. I like reading the story of Rose Blumkin - 98 years old working 7 days a week working with Warren Buffett.

    Just a different viewpoint I have seen.

    Kindest regards,
    Tom Bailey

  22. been hee on a monday to visit u

  23. This is wonderful. He is spreading good wishes and positivity. I love getting cards and mail of any kind these days when so often we are dealing with emails etc. My daughter was telling me about a lady she works with who is 80 - she works five days a week full time and has been at the one law firm for sixty years. She just does not want to give up work because she loves it so. Makes me feel tired thining about it.

  24. I certainly know the value of a birthday card, I am looking forward but not too eagerly to my next seventeen. My next birthday will be my Fourth 21st.
    July 16. !945 first atom bomb test. 1969 First moon shot.

  25. Have a great Republic Day. Australia day too falls on the 26th January.

  26. have wonderful way of expression..keep it up...

  27. That is lovely. Goes to show that as long as one has positive thoughts, age doesn't matter and is never a hindrance:-)

  28. @ Renu : The hand written cards are unique in itself and full of imagination and creativity. :)

    Senior citizens can do lots of productive work for the society. Good ideas! Thanks for sharing! :)

    @ WINDOWLAD : Hi Kelvin. Thanks for the showers of praises. :) I also enjoyed them. :)

    @ Thousif Raza : Each one of us like such surprise wishes. :) Thanks a lot for awesomely sweet comment. :) I liked this smiling tomato. Its so cute. :)

    @ Bhagyashree : Thanks for lovely views. :) Marriage anniv was the occassion.

    @ Bhavesh Chhatbar : Its really sweet of him. :) Thanks! :)

    @ sm : Thanks, sm! :)

    @ blunt edges : that's pretty sweet of U. :-D

    @ Madhu : Yaeh, they are very special. Thanks! :)

    @ Christine : Not only good for him but for us also. :) Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Vittaldas Prabhu : Its really nice of u to tell us about ur mother. :)

    The work, positive thinking, yoga makes a person happy and peaceful. :)

    @ Kavi : Thanks, Kavi. :) Some senior citizens are even more energisied and enthusiastic than the young ones.

    @ Tom Bailey : While reading biography of Warren Buffett, I came across the name of Rose Blumkin but never knew this fact about her. Thanks, Tom for sharing such a good inforamtion with all of us. :)

    @ imelda : I would be more delighted if u visit me every day. :)

    @ Lilly : Cards and emails of best wishes always bring happiness in our lives. :)

    Hats off to that 80yrs old lady who loves her work and doesn't want to quit.

    @ Vest : I will tell the senior citizen about ur b'day. He will send u a best wishes card if he solves ur riddle. :-D Thanks!

    @ Vest : Thank you so much. And same to u, Vest. :)

    @ Prerna : Glad to know that u liked. :)

    @ lostworld : Very true, age is not the factor. Its the motivation and positive thinking that counts. Thanks!

  29. excellent..!!
    and such gestures work well too for us.
    nice post.

  30. Thanks for ur visit, cute comment and being my blog buddy. Yaeh, very true. :) Keep visiting.