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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Light in the darkness

While returning home, from yoga classes, a lady of senior citizen cadre stopped me. I greeted her. She asked me about yoga classes, its charges and what I teach and for how long. I tried to satisfy her with my answers dipped in politeness but she seemed to be a person, not to be satisfied easily.

“Do you teach meditation?” she inquired
“Yes, in bhrahmari pranayam, meditation is one step; we do it for two minutes.”
“Just two minutes!”
“Yes, ma'am. I teach pranayams which are breathing excercise and physical excercise for strenghtening of all body organs. Ma'am, I have to keep balance between them. So can’t give more time than that.”
“In meditation what are your experiences?”
“My Goodness, such a personal question in just first meeting.” I thought and smiled back to avoid the question. She didn’t get the hint and asked again. This time I changed the track and said, “Few days back, one of my students saw a very radiating sun.”
She was amazed, “One sees lights!!! I do the meditation for six to seven hours daily and only see darkness.” I tried to clarify her that if one does pranayam, yoga, diet control and lead a disciplined life, they all help in meditation.”
“I don’t want to do formal meditation.” she replied bluntly.
“Then see the DARKNESS only.” I chewed my words.

Most of the time, we all need to open up the windows of our minds, so that some light can come in.

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