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Friday, October 16, 2009

Festive mood

I was on the roof of my house, collecting dry clothes on the line. I was low and frustrated. With business problems and the problems which my mind created on its own were puzzling me. Confused brain was tired and was feeling more tired on seeing so much work which was yet to be accomplished. Festive season was on, everybody was busy in singing, enjoying music and celebrating. And what the hell I was doing, collecting the dry clothes and making a list of household chores which were to be attended as early as possible?

Then I saw a purple kite with white stripes in the sky. Emerging from a far away building, it was coming into view. Damn! People even have the time to fly kites. Oh no! It was not one rather two, three, four and my goodness five kites in yellow, green, red and blue all with similar pattern of same color on them, were flowing towards the direction of my house. Vow!! A train of connected kites with lose string was coming nearer and nearer me. I threw the clothes on the cot, ran to see them. By the time they were very close. I feared as they all were going to bang a ber tree which has thorns to harm their delicate paper skins. The wind was taking them away. Now, I want to protect the five sister kites.

As they were passing close but not so close to the roof wall, I jumped and got hold of the lose string. My left leg rubbed against the wall. A loooong scratch but I ignored the pain while giving direction to the kites against the wish of wind. I was happy as a child. Festive mood has dawned on me.

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