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Monday, August 23, 2010

Foul smell

“How much foul smell you dirty fellow spread?” A lady shouted on a sweeper who was cleaning the passage situated in the open space of a hotel. Her husband with a lit cigarette in his mouth was escorting her.

Who was responsible for foul smell; sweeper who was doing his duty or her husband who was smoking?


  1. The sweeper can't be blamed as he may not be educated and his wages would be too low for him to dress up properly.
    The husband can be blamed completely.
    But I don't feel like defending either one of them.
    Weird post ! :P

  2. She shouted at her husband pretending to be talking to sweeper..

  3. Hey chandrika.. forgot to invite you to visit my 100th post.. and tell your friends too.. you will find it intereting..

  4. ALways the husbands fault .. he hehe he vieled shouting that was at the poor sweeper ...

  5. hey, congratulations on ur 100th post.
    have been reading ur blog for the past few months and i must say that all ur posts have been interesting and thought provoking.
    Keep up the good job.
    will keep following!!!

  6. no doubt, it must be her husband... sweeper was doing a noble thing, by cleaning the place...

  7. Not brave enough to stand up against her husband but rather than venting it out on someone else...

  8. Thats what we have become....spreading the stink and blaming the ones who clean us after us.

  9. interesting! hope the hubby darling was listening!

  10. sweeper ofcourse.. bez she would be used to smell of her husband(hopefully))

  11. @ everyone : Thanks a lot for reading and commenting. :)