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Friday, August 13, 2010

Shy writer

I wrote :
I read your latest post 'Traffic Jam'. I tried to leave a comment but couldn't as it was opened only for members. So, writing a mail to you.
Comment : Ur style of writing is very impressive. There is indeed a traffic jam of thoughts. We want to write but can't.

She wrote :
Thank you Chandrika. And appreciate your kind words about my writing. You can always create a blog on ………. just so you can respond to other blogs. I know a couple of people who do that! They keep their identities private, and don't post anything, but read blogs and comment/participate like readers.

You have mentioned that you want to write but can't. Is it because you are extremely busy, juggling career, home etc. or because you are SHY? When I was a full time working woman and mom too, I used to write during my lunch hour at office. Sometimes just a paragraph, but I wrote. Everyone has his/her unique voice, let it out.

This is 100th post by a shy writer. :)


  1. very nice...really like this post...

    Meri Nayi Kavita par aapke Comments ka intzar rahega.....

    A Silent Silence : Naani ki sunaai wo kahani..

    Banned Area News : Shakira wants to get close with fans

  2. hello shy writer congrats for the 100th post.. ab dont be that shy now :) he heeh h

  3. Congratulations.. Chandrika.. the shy girl.. on your 100th post.. I am approaching.. so quite anxiuos..what I would be putting.. well your visit to may page would be encouraging.. and why not..

  4. 100th post :) Congrats !!!

    heh heh .... the 'SHE''s reply is so pathetic .... in my opinion, u r a wonderful writer ...

    Take care. ..

  5. congratulation n celebration :D :D
    cheers :) :)

  6. Happy Hundreth!

    (On a Friday 13th, knock on wood.)

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  8. Hi Chandrika,

    Firstly thank you for visiting my blog and thanks to leaving a comment. Congratulations on your 100th post. I don't know when will I reach this milestone.

    You have a very nice blog too, I visited your blog many times before. Keep visiting my blog.

    Didn't you notice pretty girl beside the cute dog? :D

  9. Congratulations..

    Talking about the unusual correspondence with Anonymous, I feel slightly disappointed that people remain under wraps even when generously appreciating.. modesty has such varied tangents, no? :)

  10. and yes, I have started following your blog.. hope you don't mind

  11. A hundred is a number ! The passion sustains ! That matters !