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Friday, April 22, 2011

Whose mistake?

“Open the door! Open it! OPEN!!” A young newly wed woman was screaming and thudding the wooden door. Neighbours and passer bys gathered to make out what the matter was.

With tears in her eyes, she told “My husband threw me outside the house and locked the door. On my repeated requests and demands he is not opening the door.”

Do you think whose mistake is this; husband’s who locked the door or wife’s who created a scene?


  1. The hubby should be thrashed... whatever be his side of story..

  2. Oh my God! The husband should have been careful not to do something like that.

    Joy always,

  3. What rude behaviour. He ridiculed her, no good start.

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  5. Door's... it should not have opened at all.. from inside.. that's what.. Chandrika... stupid door..huh..

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  7. husband's..adults dont behave like that or shouldnt..

  8. The dialogue here is incomplete ;)

    There can be two views upon it-

    a) Domestic quarrel which resulted in the husband throwing out his wife and the wife creating a scene upon it may result in making the quarrel more vicious. So greater fault lies on the wife.

    b) It can also be for a suicide attempt by the husband :D so the wife does a good job in gathering the neighbors.

  9. Difficult to say, but, surely they are not made for each other.
    This could be a story line for Ekta Kapoor's next

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  11. Chandrika,

    Both. He should have dealt with this in mature way and she for making the ruckus.

    Take care

  12. @ Everyone : Thanks a lot! Special thanks to Quest.