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Saturday, March 10, 2012

My blank mind

While looking at the stars on a cloudless night, I realised that my mind is blank and can’t find a good topic to write about. In general after continuous writing for some time one goes through this phase. If you wish that I carry on with writing and don’t take a long break then suggest some good ideas.

On which topic(s) you will like to read my views/ experiences or stories? ;)


  1. i know you prefer to ask than to answer. but you've been tagged. answer those, and then joy oh joy, you can ask 11 of your own :)

  2. All of them go through the phase of thinking "what to write"...write about movies, songs, your favourite personalities..

  3. I think it's never "blank", the mind, the imagination, how we want to call it. Sometimes there is tiredness, sometimes things are in our heads we do not want to talk about to others. You found a very clever way to use blogger and to express yourself. I like to read you, regardless of the form you chose.
    Topics? Any you like. Boundaries? Which, where are they, and who defines them? There's always a line to be transgressed. If you see blogging as a kind of "job", you have to transform it according to the "aims" of the "job description"; if you see it as a kind of "fun" [I hate this word, sorry] activity, it is open and restricted only by good taste and social limits.
    Anyways, Chandrika Shubham, I like to read you; I like to play along - and playing it is, serious sometimes - and all I can say is, it is what you make out of it, what You want it to be: Use me Baby!

  4. You write your posts in a fixed format. So you may not like my idea. There are times when I just write an extremely un real, absurd word and pursue it to make it a post. For example , talking dog.

  5. Chandrika,

    Please pick topics close to your heart.

    Take care