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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I read somewhere on net.

There are plenty of loners who chose solitude as their way of life. Solitude has been helpful to many well known writers, philosophers and composers.

What do you think is solitude helpful in making one successful or just kill one slowly deep inside?


  1. I believe solitude is the time to connect with self. We should seek solitude occasionally. But only or too much of solitude can spell doom.

  2. Well....solitude helps us to sit back and think differently from the "usual" kind of people.It helps us to "see" what we truely are and what makes us unique.Of course,solitude need not be permanent,as then we can't display our uniqueness to the world;we'll be drowned in ourselves :)

  3. Chandrika,

    Self imposed solitude for specific purpose is what helps but if it is due to being lonely then it is not the same.

    Take care