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Monday, August 6, 2012

How much it costs?

An elderly man boosted about his financial prowess. “I have four flats in this society, six flats in that society and…….” I calmly listened to him. “I have 500sq yards of plot in Gurgaon. Do you have any idea how much it costs?” He inquired me or to check whether I am listening or not?
I was silent.
He repeated again a bit louder. “Do you have any idea how much it costs?”
Lazily I said, “It depends upon where it is situated.” 
Instead of understanding the deeper meaning of what I meant, he uttered. “It is situated in the city of heart.”
I controlled my laugh, the most difficult task to do on this Earth.
This is 475th post. :D


  1. 475th is more important than what the man said

  2. Chandrika,

    I can well imagine your plight. Congratulations on coming so close to 500 which I am sure you will reach soon.

    Take care

  3. A Bavarian songwriter once made a nice song with a line: "Kannst nix mit'neahma!" - you can not take anything with you. The flats will crumble, the "plot" will be there or not, the land will be definitely here, when we all will be gone.

  4. Aha! Some old uncle that! I have recently moved to Gurgaon from Mumbai and keep on bumping into hoity-toity aunties or 'Taus' who love boasting about their properties!

  5. Well chnadrika I am here after a long time.. you continue with your typical sense of humour..all said and done we all want to own one or two properties..

    Well done moving towards 500th...I have done more than 600th..and do recall your initial push and encouragement.. do visit once to have look..will be happy if you can leave a comment too..