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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shares of Infosys

“Is share market is down today?” I asked Mr. ‘U’ who was watching a business news channel.
“No. It is up, only a few points.” Mr. ‘U’ said. “Infosys is Rs. 75.26 up right now as the decision of a case comes in their favour.”
“I sold all my Infosys shares on the last working day of share market making a small profit.”
“If you have hold the shares for just one more working day then you would have made good profit from them.”

Should I be happy as I made a small profit or should I be sad for not holding the shares for one more working day?


  1. Chandrika,

    One should never have regrets if one makes even a little profit as who knows what happens later. If we start with such regrets then there is no end to misery.

    Take care

  2. "Besser den Spatz in der Hand als die Taube auf dem Dach".

    I am astaunded to learn that you are a gambler.