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Monday, March 9, 2015

About the Author of 'Japa Meditation - The Easiest Way to Calm the Mind'

Chandrika Shubham is practicing Japa meditation from more than 15 years. She has learnt the art of meditation herself by Grace of God. She has felt the presence of God in the form of books, website, strangers, relatives and nature who has shown her the right path in the time of confusion and crisis. She considers Japa meditation to be the easiest and safest way to God realisation which any one can practice very easily and at any time. She is teaching Japa meditation from the past seven years. She explains the age old deep philosophical teachings in simple, crisp and humorous way. She tries to find out the simple solutions to complicated modern day life problems. She is the author of two books ‘Simple Vastu’ and ‘Saral Vastu’. She is an accomplished Vastushastra consultant and astrologer. Despite being a full time businesswoman, she makes time to teach Yoga in morning and evening. She loves to read, write and blog.