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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Acknowledgements of 'Japa Meditation - The Easiest Way to Calm the Mind'


To my utmost surprise, I completed this book from idea to print in only seven months. This book was my dream. There are many who helped me generously in converting this dream into reality. A big thank you to all those who supported me!

I wish to thank my Ma, Sarita Saini who taught me how to hold the pencil and to write the first alphabet ‘A’. She was always with me and guided me to overcome the obstacles whenever I stop in my path. My father, Madan Lal Saini gave me a break from business so that I can devote full time to it.

Kaushal Saini, my nanaji for telling me about the power of chanting mantra. Sumitra Saini, my naniji for telling me spiritual stories in my childhood days. That interest later developed into reading spiritual books.

Specially, Neelam Prabha who motivated me from the very first day to write, gave her genuine suggestions and constant feedback. Geeta Davar, who read and critically reviewed the manuscript making it more readable and insightful. I would thank Kiran Bhatia, for adding a tinge of bhakti by improving script in Devanagari. I extend my wishful thanks to my good friends Shrimi and Paulami. Their suggestions about incorporating anecdotes here and there colored my dream with rainbow hues. 

I extend my sincere appreciations to Sanjeev Saini for drawing illustrations and Rajeev Jain for publishing this manuscript.

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