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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blue sky

"What is the colour of sky?", I asked to divert a kid's mind who was disturbing me. We, were in car on National Highway No.8. I was working on my laptop. I was busy as important work was to be completed before reaching the destination.
"Grey.", Quick child replied.
"No, Its blue." I said with my eyes fixed on screen.
"Its grey." He replied confidently.
I looked up, out of the window pane. Pollution, smoke and dust had covered the sky, giving it somewhat greyish tinge.

Will the coming generations be taught that sky is grey? :) Can we bring back the naturality of the sky?


  1. If only we could dispense with the pollution.

  2. True.

    A Call For All.

    Wake Up..!!

  3. I remember being on a train once that travelled parallel to a very busy motorway. You could see a brownish fog hanging over the road from all the car pollution - yuck! We don't get very bad pollution in the UK luckily - the prevailing winds from the SW tend to blow everything clean away.

    Nice post - very thought-provoking.

  4. actually blue n grey are my fav colors...n maybe i do like grey a bit more than i wouldn't mind that ;)

  5. one good..thought!!! if its that polluted then our kids will only know sky as grey or burnt blue!!

  6. I love being in the city, but I love living away from the city. The sky can still be blue, here. For now, anyway...

  7. Its a warning to all of us to reduce whatever we can or must to contain it and be environment friendly.

  8. Will the coming generations be taught that sky is grey? :)

    Well can't discard this idea ! Sigh

    Can we bring back the naturality of the sky?
    Yes we can surely bring the grey back to blue !IF only ALL of us strive to !

  9. Good question? can we really and does any one care.

  10. In fact sky has different colours when viewed from different places. The sky would look dark grey over polluted cities, black grey over industrial cities, plain grey over smaller cities with less pollution. And if one wants to see the actual colour of the sky which is 'sky blue' (as the name suggests), one will have to climb the Mount Everest but that too for a few more years bearing in mind the amount of smoke being released into the sky.

  11. @ A Good Moroccan : Thanks for ur pretty comment. :)

    @ Tulika : Wake up all! :) Thanks! :)

    @ CambridgeLady : Glad to find it thought provoking! :) The incidence of brown fog is indeed a rare one. Thanks for sharing it. :)

    @ blunt edges : LOL. Blue will be too old fashioned na? ;-)

    @ Harman : Thanks for worrying about the kids. :)

    @ Mandy : Welcome Mandy! :) Thanks a lot for ur views! :)

    @ Renu : Need of the hour is to reduce pollution. Thanks! :)

    @ I'm Nu : We, all have to make an effort jointly. Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Bhagyashree : We have to care, dear. Thanks! :)

    @ Balvinder Singh : LOL. You have really obsereved the sky minutely. :)

    @ Sjmach : Oh really! Thanks! :)

    @ roshwrites : Thanks! :)

  12. It's really serious. I've been writing on this issue since long, just have a glance here :-

  13. hmm...that makes me worried for water too..!!
    as the pollution level in metros is going up everyday, soon we may realise that the color of water has also changed.

  14. Very true indeed.
    In so many parts of the world pollution is a serious problem. I liked the innocent way you brought forward this serious concern.
    I must call myself lucky for having the clear blue skies intact in my part of world in Australia.

    Keep up the good work Chandrika :D


  15. Isn't grey also one of the natural colors of sky? like when it is gloomy or rainy...

  16. Yes,it is really grey now.
    We all keep talking of increasing pollution,but very littile is being done by us to clean up.

  17. Pollution is only going to become worse unless we all wake up and do something!

  18. tragic but yes now a days we see less of blue sky coz we don't have time to see it or correct it and leave it for someones department and love to stay on the grey side of the world.

  19. such a story... truthful and sad... may be we can pollute it with a blue colored gas?

  20. OR...we could become colour blind.I'm sure that could happen too....since we are so constructively interested in bringing about our destruction eh?
    Thanks for visiting!You have an awesome blog!

  21. A post that can leave an impact. A great message told in the most simplest of ways. I hope we can save the sky from being taught to be grey in colour!

  22. its true... the sky is grey nowadays... but after a lush shower we still see the blue sky... and this shows us that things can change and that we can chage things...

    One of my proffessor`s used to say that our generation, that is mine and the ones yet to come, will suffer because of the innovations and findings of the people of His generation. and its a truth. and in Europe we see it everyday how our generations is trying hard to bring down the pollution and changing into a much better Bio-world... but things change and we will be surely able to recreate a better world...

  23. The sky is grey. I guess people should notice it soon, otherwise all they will have left is a balck and white world.


  24. The answer is not in black or white ! its in a curious mix of grey. Money, progress, power, people...all gather to give it that colour !

  25. well u are so right there...but grey sky also looks kinda beautiful [from the looks POV]

  26. Hi Chandrika,

    Self-discipline and respect... if only we'll exercise these 2 simple acts, surely, we'll live in a place so free in pollution... clever... you're really clever... thanks for this reflection!!!:)

    P.S. regarding your previous comment on my blog? It's ok... i understand... so don't feel so bothered... and thank you for your appreciations on my works... it's really flattering... thanks a million!!!:D

    God bless!!!:)

    Keep safe!!!:)


  27. Pollution.. Its ok still GREY what I am thinking of is BLACK.. cause thats where we are heading .. Running fast towards it ..

    Why dont we ask the bookwriters to put BLACK instead of grey in next change.. cause fir se change karne se acha hai , DO it now Cause its not long when we get there..

    The only way to stop is GOING back to be a CAVE MAN.. :)

  28. possible..i was more worried watching some tv news clips showing/asking kids where milk comes from.! they said from milk packet.!)

    we would even show blue sky someday but we cant show someone milking a cow.

  29. @ STRANGER : Thanks Stranger! :) I have already visited ur site. Its great! :)

    @ @ease : Then we have to pay the water bill acc to the color of water. Black water will be cheaper than transparent one. :-D Thanks! :)

    @ Chatterbox : Thanks dear for ur kind words. :)

    @ Rachna : Thats the color of clouds. :) Thanks! :)

    @ BK Chowla, : So many words but no action. True, Sir. Thanks!

    @ manju : Thanks for waking me up. ;-)

    @ sleeping beauty : Very soon we have to celebrate a festival on sky viewing. So that everyone can enjoy that. :) Thanks a lot. :)

    @ Rishi : lol. Thanks for such a innovative comment. Keep visiting. :)

    @ theschmuck : Thanks for ur visit and valuable comment. :) We are blind even with good eyesight.

    @ Vittaldas Prabhu : Thanks for the appreciation. :)

    @ faery of the wilds : U r an optimistic person. The story of Prof was interesting. Thanks a lot! :) Keep visiting! :)

    @ Sudipta Das : Welcome to my site. Thanks for the comment. :)

    @ Kavi : I am enjoying the white, black and the shades of grey scattered here. :) Thanks, Kavi. :)

    @ Madhu : ;-) Thank you, Madhu. :)

    @ WINDOWLAD : Nice thought. :)

    Sometimes there is a net problem. Thanks for ur cute comment. :) Now, u r flattering! :)

    @ Bikram : Thanks for ur valuable insight. :)

    @ அண்ணாமலையான் : Welcome to my blog! :)
    Thanks for ur lovely comment. :)

    @ oRange* : Thanks! :)

    @ iamyuva : LOL. Thanks a million! :)

  30. blue sky, need of the hour!
    well said. good post.