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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Effect of bhang

In a drink party, Mrs. ‘D’ narrated an incident to me. “Last year, on Holi, the festival of colors, I took bhang. Have you ever taken bhang?”
“Not yet.” I replied. She took a sip and said, “We all friends had fun on that day. We played with colors and balloons. Exhausted, we gathered together in my friend’s house. Bhang a cool milk beverage with light green shade was ready to remove our tiredness.” She swallowed a large amount and continued, “I sipped the delicious sweet drink with a flavor of spices and almonds. I relished it so much that I gulped down glasses and glasses of that, how many, I can’t recall.”

She looked into the glass as if she could see the reflections of that time in the wine. When she couldn’t find the next line to narrate she threw some more wine down her throat. “I started thinking what will be the effect of bhang on neurons. You know neurons – nerve cells.” I nodded. “It will be affecting neurons in several ways. It will be altering their membranes, along with their ion channels, enzymes, and receptors. It will be depressing neurons responsible for controlled behaviour and definitely affecting my thinking powers. Next day a friend told me that I was talking about the neurons and only the neurons when I was high.”

I glanced at the glass she was holding. It was now “Empty.” Not a single wine drop left in her glass and she was talking about neurons and only neurons. :-)

High up there, what do you talk about? ;-)


  1. well...we guys mostly discuss girls...but then that's what we talk about even when we aren't high! ;)

    n it won't hurt if u reply 2 comments :P

  2. nothing happens to the neurons,, they all r just lie

  3. Very interesting.
    Frankly I have never had Bhang hence have no experience to narrate

  4. Dear Chandrika,
    Good Morning!
    Are you splashing colours today?Happy Holi!
    Here,lamanis started having drinks from yesterday night and they were singing and dancing!Lullabies for me yester night!:)
    It's fun time with friends together!
    Bythe way,in a normal party does Ms.neuron expert talk normally?
    Mr.B'lore,we too talk about guys,a lot!:)
    Enjoy and be in the right mood!
    Wishing you a wonderful March month,

  5. Nice ..well when I am high I am just smiling and talking endlessly about my latest crush :) just a few days back .. I was on and on about "her Smile" :D whatever be the question, whatever be the statement ,I just had one thing to say; "her smile is beautiful " LOL..
    It is times like these that will linger forever in our mind .. nahi?

  6. Interesting...!!!:)



  7. thats weird.. in that case i would never have bhang!

  8. well i have to get drunk to know that!

  9. i don't drink!! and also not much curious to find out what I may say when I am "drunk"

    happy holi to you anyway , a bit late!!

    "and yes.. you have been presented with an award..just head to my blog!!"

  10. Hello! Intersting!Thank you for your visiting to my blog.

  11. thats true people usually talk about what they think...anyway but according to our ancient time bhang is a kind of medicine even it helps in medication as well
    so enjoy with bhang..

  12. I dont drink so have no Idea,but people behave in a weird manner!!

  13. Neurons is a good topic. Better than Morons !


  14. I don't talk about anything when I am high, because I don't get high!

    I love you're writing style!

  15. LOL :-D A true work of a genius here. :-) A pleasant and enjoyable read. I had a really hearty laugh. Keep them coming!

  16. One of my friend pushed the other friend on bed under the bhaang effect: The fallen friend started crying that 'I am dead' and at the same time the friend who pushed started crying too that - 'I have Killed my friend' and they continued it for next 3 hours
    Such is the effect :)

  17. very funny! I would like to try bhang someday :)

  18. Imagination plays such an important role in enjoying anything.

    And memories from Holi more so.

  19. A pleasant read! When I'm high, I tell a lot of jokes, mostly non-veg and laugh a lot:))

  20. Thanks for dropping into my blog :)

    The High days were in my university years... well, I used to talk a lot (not the gibberish kind) about any bloody topic that comes to the table :P

    This post is a nice feel-good read :)

    enjoyed it...

    Nice to meet you here in blogsville :)

    take care... cheers...

  21. In our family one person got mentally disturbed by taking bhang, since then nobody takes it:)..otherwise it was quite popular on holi.

  22. Haha...very good one... I like to fall in love when I am on high :D

  23. hum to mahashivratri ke avsar par hi bhang ka prasaad lete hai bass

    holi ke din no bhang!!

  24. Haven't taken anything as much as yet that would make me lose my mind...

    I do remember a friend who'd taken so much bhaang on holi that he slept through the full next day! He had to be shown that day's newspapers and tv channels to be convinced that he'd been out for more than 30 hrs!! :D

  25. Hello, thank you for stopping by my blog! What would I talk about when high? Well, ME of course!!!LOL!

  26. thanks for ur words!never tried but i hv seen that, bhang has a bang effect!interesting post.

  27. bhang & other desi weeds are the most dangerous stuff to snuff...u r unable to understand wen to stop snuffing & da constant delusion that crops up persistently that u r the most intellectual person alive!!!! (i wrote my exact thinking in one such state in one f ma posts !) :P

  28. LOL!!! I know someone who was out cold the entire night 'coz of bhang.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  29. hehe..
    hope her neurons are fine.. ;)

  30. @ blunt edges : So u think only about girls with or without....... ;-) I am so sensitive that my fingers r hurt while replying to comments especially urs. :-p. Thanks a lot for being so frank. :)

    @ Uncommon Sense : Oh really. Is it so? Thanks! :)

    @ BK Chowla, : Thanks for ur comment. :)

    @ anupama : Thanks for sharing ur experiences. :) Nope she didn't talk about. Hope u also have a wonderful month ahead. :)

    @ Arnav : What to say more Arnav, ur smile is beautiful, really beautiful. :)

    @ WINDOWLAD : Thanks Kelvin for a shy comment. :)

    @ V. Archana : Thanks dear. :)

    @ Madhu : Thanks for a sweet reply. :)

    @ Sankoobaba : Thanks for presenting me a award. :) Thanks a million! :)

    @ Amin : Glad u like mine and thanks for visiting mine. :)

    @ vivek "Ulloo"Pandey : Very true, it is a drug used in curing many diseases. Thanks for such a valuable information. :)

    @ SindhuBhairavi : I love ur smile. So keep smiling. :) Thanks. :)

    @ Harman : Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Kavi : Lol. Ur sense of humor is great. :)Thanks! :)

    @ Sjmach : Thanks and same to u. :)

    @ Mandy : I love the style of ur comments. :) Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Vittaldas Prabhu : Only a GENIUS can praise a work of a genius. :) Its nice to know that u enjoyed reading it. :)

    @ Pratik Gupta : Thanks for sharing the experience with us. :)

    @ Rachna : :) Thanks! :)

    @ Anil P : Thanks a lot! :) Keep visiting. :)

    @ Basanta : Share some with us. :) Thanks! :)

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    @ Samvedna : Thats really very sad.

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    @ commited to life : :-D Thanks! :)

  31. i have taken bhang... mini 3 to 4 glasses....
    Now am not understand how to reduce its effect any one can help me to get out of this effect