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Thursday, February 25, 2010


"My hobbies are to eat, sleep and watch TV." A girl in her late teens told me. I thoroughly viewed her. Yeah, she was right her physique was also saying so. :)

We were sitting in a waiting lounge. I asked about her just to pass the time. But such great hobbies I had never heard.

What hobbies do you have? Do you have any hobby which differentiate you from others?


  1. My biggest hobbies have always been reading and photography. I'm adding exercise to the list. And, I just bought myself a beat up, used guitar and a learn to play book, so hopefully that will be added to the list. Oh, and I am trying a kick boxing class tomorrow :)

    Someday, one of my hobbies will be flying an airplane!!

  2. Reading,interior decoration,gardening and cooking...sums it all up!

  3. Reading, writing, working out, listening to music, Yoga,.....

  4. Mine would be photography, writing and playing Violin. I dont understand how eat/sleep can be called hobbies.

  5. I like to collect stamps, coins, currency notes and draw with the help of Illustrator!!

  6. How I dislike the girls like has so much to do in much constructive...I love reading besides looking after my family, as that is a full time job to me.

  7. oops.. I'll give in a li'l secret.. As a teenager I used to think that these hobbies of eating, drinking and sleeping sounding super cool.. And to be cool, I used to go around telling everybdy that these are my hobbies.. But what happened was that my actual hobbies got lost somewhere and people didnt even know how talented I was.. :P LOL..

  8. Now u have asked such a confusing question that I don't know what to say! Let's put it this way, I like learning new things and doing it and making everybody feel happy.

    At the moment, my hobby of cooking is turning into full time pleasurable work... and no day goes out without reading or doing some yoga...:))

  9. Differentiate..?

    umm.. dunno if it does that but reading, quilling, quizzing are some of my hobbies. I hate TV. Its disgusting to me. :/

  10. daydreaming... :) in my free time i just lurvvee to sit and think think think and think of just about nothing.. :P

  11. My hobby is to think and try to do the best for the country (My country India) in my spare time. My blog speaks better about me.

    I expect friends (with progressive ideas)to join me in my efforts to serve the Nation.

    Hail India,
    Jai Shri Krishna

  12. hmm..i have a hobby of taking a nap whenever i got home from school..i also enjoy reading books..:)and writing stories and's that..? :D

    (P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

  13. ..Reading.. readin and more reading...

  14. My hobby is to discover the laws of Nature (and wildlife). Everything that concerns human beings; health, the causes of illness, and above all, prevention of illness and premature aging. Man in terms of both physical and spiritual.

    Best wishes to you!

  15. You have a nice blog here, congrats!

    I really liked the range of content - simple, down to earth and touching.

    Will definitely come back for more. Keep writing.

  16. Reading.. blogging .. Playing hockey.. Hardly get much free time these days, but as and when i get .. I try to do any of the above.. Though i must say Eat and Sleep is also part of it ... :) he he he

  17. My hobbies are:Cleaning the house :),Reading,Driving,Writing and sleeping !

    Am I different from others ? :)

  18. Aha! I think I might have been guilty of stating the above mentioned hobby to someone in my teen years. I just hated the question!
    But my current hobbies- well keep changing..more like activities if you may! Love to read though. And love music and photography! :)

    PS: Lovely blog. Thanks for swinging by mine when I was on a vacation. :)

  19. One of my main hobbies are carving rocks, being creative. Interesting post. take care.

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  21. Well my hobbies are on writing poems, acting, sketching...etc... but never dancing.... i really hate dancing... that's soo sad...

    It's really really nice to be here again... thanks for always dropping by on my blog...!!!:)

    Good day!!!:)



  22. I dont know if mine are to 'dfiferentiate' from the others ! I just like to do things that catches my fancy !

    Photography! Blogs ! Writing ! Reading...running...! thats like a handful i thought !


    There are people with eating, sleeping and watching tv too ! Quite a lot infact. I guess the modern day world provides the space for everything


  23. actually even i don't have a "physical" hobby!

    n is it a conscious decision 2 not reply 2 comments?

  24. I think hobbies rarely differentiate between each other and if I say, my life is a hobby.

  25. Oh my goodness hobbies - I have a sign in my room that says "Do Different Things and Do Them Well"

    I like reading, writing, yoga, teaching my niece, attending a group, rebating, couponing, taking computer classes, studying design, philosophy...way too many to list :D

  26. No special hobbies.. except downloading movies, collecting quotes and so on.... Some years back, when net was that rampant, I used to collect readers digest and middles of deccan herald. Now all these r a click away :)

  27. Eating.......aila "Food Crisis"
    Sleeping..hhahaha khubhkarn ki bahan..
    meri best frnd meri ye sari hain...:P
    meri koum ka sipahi hai ye..

  28. collecting coins....for last almost 15+yrs
    collecting postcards & thimbles of places i visited,
    keycards of hotels which i stayed in,
    travelling..documentaries,..speeches, debates, chess..
    to explore youtube..itunes to find new music which i hvn't heard before..
    and ya,.. food..sleep..too ;)

  29. Hobby? Does blogging count as a hobby? That would make me different from everyone except the people reading this?

    I do have a hobby of carrying around a recorder that I listen to all the time.

    Thanks for the question.


  30. @ Mandy : Nice hobbies u have. :) Great that u r adding new ones to them. :) Best wishes for that. :) Flying an aeroplane is really a great ambition. :) Thanks!

    @ Madhu : Cute hobbies. :) Thanks for sharing. :)

    @ Rachna : Good hobbies u have to keep ur self busy. :) Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Sriram : Nice to hear that u have a taste in instrumental music. :) Thanks! :)

    @ Sjmach : Please share ur collection with all of us on ur blog. :) Drawing on illustrator is a real fun. I also enjoyed that. :) Thanks! :)

    @ Renu : Reading is the best hobby as one can travel around the world while sitting in a room. :) Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Chanz : How smart u r! :) Thanks! :)

    @ Pins N Ashes : So what have u cooked today? Thanks for sharing. :)

    @ Tulika : Cute person has cute hobbies. :) Thankyou, Tulika. :)

    @ V. Archana : I think we all r day dreamers. :-p Thanks! :)

    @ STRANGER : Great thoughts! :) Hats off to u! :) We all r with u. :) Thanks! :)

    @ ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ : Lovely poems u write. :) Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Harman : Reading is the best pass time. :)
    Thanks. :)

    @ krystyna : Unique hobby u have. :) Thanks! :)

    @ Kumar : Glad u liked it! :) Thanks a million for praises. :)

    @ Bikram : Making others laugh is also ur hobby. :) Keep it up. :) Thanks! :)

    @ I'm Nu : Fast speed driving, I also love. :) Yaeh, u r different as well as friendly. :) Thanks! :)

    @ Choco : Thanks for ur showers of praises. :) Its nice to listen about ur past as well as present hobbies. :) Thanks for being my blog buddy. :)

    @ cinner : Interesting hobby u have. :) Thanks for sharing with us. :) U too. :)

    @ WINDOWLAD : Yeah u write too good. :) U can dance well with the words while others can't. :) Thanks! :)

    @ Kavi : Wonderful blog with wonderful photos and wonderful write ups will definitely differentiate u from others. :) Thanks! :)

    @ blunt edges : Poor guy. :-p. Thanks for naughty comment! :)

    @ Jeevan : Thank you so much, Jeevan. :)

    @ Anny : Bunch of hobbies u have! :) Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Suresh Kumar : Collecting quotes is a nice hobby. It teaches us a lot about life. Thanks. :)

    @ EKLAVYA : Thanks a lot! :)

    @ iamyuva : Lots of hobbies keep u busy. Please share ur collection with us on ur blog. :) Thanks! :)

    @ Tom Bailey : Ur hobby will make u different, yaeh for sure. :) U have patience to read the blogs, u are genius to comment on all the topics and u r optimistic as u always leave a comment with a positive message. :)

    Thanks for the answer. :-D

  31. I am a man with varied interests and try my hands at everything. When I was small, philately was one such passion. As I grew up, I figured that doing wonderful stuff with computers was my destiny - my hobby and passion as well. Then little later I thought I should become a singer and then a martial art specialist. Now, I have settled to writing stories, poems and blogging. :-D I think this will be the end of it! Sigh.

  32. I am a future predictor. Ur next hobby will be editing a NOVEL. :-D And for sure it will differenciate u from others. :-D
    Best wishes. :)
    Thanks, Vittaldas. :)

  33. My hobbies are computer programming and clicking nature photos.

  34. @ Vittaldas Prabhu : :-)

    @ Gaurav : Welcome to my blog! :) Both r unparalled hobbies. :)

  35. I guess hobbies are supposed to be something creative...

    Mine is read, write , movies , workouts and photography..

  36. @ Jon : Thanks for sharing ur creative hobbies with us. :)

  37. So having good company now Chandrika ??

  38. @ bhagyareema : Thanks for ur visit and being my blog buddy. I really enjoyed ur company. :)
    Keep visiting. :)

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  42. well, comming accross this question by many i was just wondering what is my hobby/are hobbies, for i just am doing, thats it anything that comes my way, other than eating, sleeping, homemaking, gardening, stitching , sewing etc, i manage to adjust attending to wounded creatures, small and big, winged or four legged all a part of my life's activities, that's all

  43. well, comming accross this question by many i was just wondering what is my hobby/are hobbies, for i just am doing, thats it anything that comes my way, other than eating, sleeping, homemaking, gardening, stitching , sewing etc, i manage to adjust attending to wounded creatures, small and big, winged or four legged all a part of my life's activities, that's all