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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Serious or humorous

A single male in his mid thirties asked a question somewhere on net. His query was
"What he would do if he knew for surety that he would be alone for whole of his life?
1. Marry a woman whom he doesn't love.
2. Adopt a baby.
3. Do charity.
4. Commit suicide."

Serious : How can he be so sure that he would be alone for whole of his life? What is the reason(s) for choosing a lonely life? A clearer picture will help in finding better solutions. :)
1. Love is cultivated and nurtured with time. :)
2. Only one, why not many. :)
3. One can keep oneself sufficient busy by doing good things and by helping the needy. :)
4. Life is so beautiful full of plenty of options so die a natural death. :)

Humorous : 1. Getting married is not the only option, there are other options also. ;-)
2. Being Dad and mom would be far more easier than just father. ;-)
3. Charity begins at home. ;-)
4. Explore the net properly, many options are available. ;-)
Do all the options from 1 to 4 but in sequence. ;-)

Which is the better set of answers 'Serious' or 'Humorous'?


  1. the Humourous one... because it makes u smile and move on... the other ones you will let it pass... but the humorous ones make u think...

  2. I'd say "never" to 4, try and do 3 anyway, 1? you need never be totally alone and love can take many forms, and 2? Well there are plenty of children who need mentoring, fostering, sponsoring financially, supporting in education etc etc. Being a parent isn't the only way to make a difference in a child's life.

    Great post Chandrika!

  3. i would go with humorous any day! :D:D

    n i would like 2 add one..."dude numbers 1 and 4 are the same!!!" :D

  4. the better set of answers!? define 'better'! ;)

  5. ..Good..One !!on a serious notes..Serious is a good option!!

  6. I don't think not being married would be so bad! You can still have a very full life...silly men;)

  7. Humorous is good to read, but frankly to a depressed person, humor would seem like poison. So if he has to follow one set, it should be the serious one.

    Nice post :)
    I've updated mine, have a look ;)

  8. lol..thats so funny!! I will go with the part two though!!

  9. I prefer serious....being married is not everything in life..if nothing else devote it to life can bring meaning to many lives.

  10. Option 5: Go to the Himalayas!

  11. Both of them are funny. I prefer doing things seriously :)

  12. I wont be choosing but just my views

    1. If you got to marry then Marry someone you like, or the best tell your MOM to do the honours she Will find a Woman for you Arranged marriage .. that way you can love her after..

    2. I agree with that If you can afford why just one, have a couple, cause when the child grows up he will be lonely again so a couple would be fine they can look after each other once you are gone..

    3. Charity:- yeah start from home but Beaware of the things that go on cheating u

    4. Commit suicide.-- NOOOOOOOOO never , life is too valuable to do that.. let it happen.. Look at bigger picture :)

    1. Yeah y marry lot many fish in the sea. That a better option ...

    2. It is difficult .. look at yourself the CHAOS you caused to your parents :) a thought

    3. Charity at home yeah

    4. Yeah Search the web lots of idea.. Climbing the wall of ur neighbours house , when he is away , his wife his ___ dancing alone.. you open the window forget to put the stopper .. put ur head in .. air flow.. dhaaaad .. the window crashes .. ur neck breaks.. U dead ...
    But hey you died SMILING :)

  13. I prefer humor, maybe I HIDE behind it too much.

  14. i think i would follow the following sequence

    1) get married and let love cultivate and prosper...
    2) Have kids. It will also include an adoption.
    3) Charity begins at home so I will give away verything when it gets too much.. :P
    4) will go and live in the himalayas, provided i get good food to eat.. :P

  15. LOL, I would prefer the humorous one, enjoyed this post :)

  16. Seriously : He would create problem to the society, cuz, what about his needs.....?

  17. my catch is serious and sensible..!!

    humorous post, i liked that. Keep coming wid such silly yet sensible stuffs, they give u an insight to some unseen conditions of life in a lighter way.

  18. Both are great..
    but my vote goes to humorous one. :P

  19. u have been tagged... check ma blog

  20. hii im krishna i have gone through most of them nice posts.Im new to blogging im not aware of wat goes round in this blogging community i would be thankful if you could help me out.

  21. Either ways will do but much preferably the humorous one... the choice to a happy life are always ours to make... it's just a matter of acceptance and bein' positive...!!!:D That's a bit thought provoking... loved the read...!!!:)

    Hey, Happy Valentine's Day in advance!!!:D

    Good day!!!:)

    Keep safe!!!:)


  22. I prefer hilarious one... Life is not to be taken seriously.. no one comes out of it alive...

    1. Some people marry, other intelligent guys flirt :)
    4. And suicide... comon do u want to say to god, "u cant fire me.... i quit" noway!

  23. It is an interesting question - and I like the way that you posed this question. I am involved in charity and I am single. Am I that person?


    The other option I have seen is men filling notches on their lifes conquest of female relationships or guys that do things so wild and extreme that they could likely have a hard time finding a woman to "tolerate" it.

    Great question - thanks for sharing it.

    Another option could be - creating miracles for the world?


  24. Very nice post, I would choose charity, because you may meet someone there doing the same work, than you would have someone that likes doing what you are interested in Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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    I liked your blog very much. I appreciate for your wonderful post. I enjoyed reading it as it is very nice and humourous too.
    Now I have become your follower so I will be visiting your blog hereafter.

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  27. Sometimes waving off the more serious questions of life with humour is the best option. Because, that gives you the luxury of laughing at the problems and perhaps yourself. This could also keep you sane, at least I think so. So, I would, perhaps, go for the humourous answers as they need not have to be done physically but at least it brings a smile on my face. (And I hope, I don't ever have to live alone in my life!)

  28. @ faery of the wilds : Welcome to my blog! :) Humor indeed make ones to think. Thanks! :)

    @ CambridgeLady : Thnaks a lot! :) Adoption of child is good option indeed for the person who r single. I loved to guess the photo on ur blog. :)

    @ sleeping beauty : Thanks! :)

    @ Sankoobaba : Glad u liked that! :)

    @ blunt edges : lol. Thanks a lot! :)

    @ iamyuva : Which make one cry. ;-) Thanks! :)

    @ Harman : Thanks, Harman. :)

    @ Lou : Person's love to laugh on silly things. Isn't it? Thanks! :)

    @ smitzy : I liked ur comment. Humor is indeed poison for a lonely and depressed person. Thanks for broadening my outlook. :)
    Party was very nicely described in ur recent post. :)

    @ Madhu : Thanks, Madhu. :)

    @ Renu : Very true. Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Sjmach : lol. Thanks! :)

    @ Rachna : Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Bikram : lol. Amazing comment! :) Option 4 of humorous was very funny. :) Thanks a million! :)

    @ cinner : Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Chanz : Wonderful options suggested by u. Thanks! :)

    @ Tulika : Chosing one was so difficult. :) Thanks! :)

    @ Bhagyashree : Congrates, dear. Glad u liked that. :)

    @ Tyro : Thanks for tiny comment, Tyro. :)

    @ STRANGER : Thanks for ur comment! :)

    @ @ease : Thanks! :) Glad u liked it. :) Silly things sometimes help in solving big problems of life. :)

    @ Arpit Rastogi : Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Chanz : Thanks dear for tagging me. I never did so much research on me. Whenever I will get the time will definitely do. Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Tripat "Prerna" : Thanks! :)

    @ kris : I myself is a kid in the field of blogging. :) My mantra is read and express. :) I read ur blog its good. Keep writting. :)
    Best wishes.:)

    @ WINDOWLAD : Its nice to hear that u liked it. Thanks a lot for ur precious comment. :)
    Happy V day. :)

    @ Suresh Kumar : Thanks for ur valuable insight. :) Keep visting! :)

    @ Tom Bailey : U r laughing? Is ur health ok? :-D A serious person like u is laughing it means it is really a humorous post. :) Glad u enjoyed reading it. :) Another option was interesting. :) Thanks for sharing it. :)

    Serious : From a peculiar seriousness in ur writtings, I have guessed that u are 'Single'.

    Humourous : My dear, every man on internet is 'Single'. ;-D

    @ Margaret Cloud : Ur idea is really great. :)
    Thanks for visiting mine and sharing ur views with us. :)

    @ Babli : Thanks, Babli for visiting my blog, apreciating me and being my blog buddy. :)

    @ Prithwish....... : Welcome to my blog. Thanks for being my blog buddy. :) Glad u liked it. :)

    @ Vittaldas Prabhu : Thanks a million! :) We all r trying to search a good solution for the person through a humourous path. :)