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Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank you

Not many, infact none, whose blog I comment sends a thank you note. I truly appreciate :)

I received this as a reply to my thanks letter from my recent blog buddy who wrote a comment on my blog.

Are we really busy to say thanks or pose to be busy?


  1. Hi Chandrika, I try to write a comment every time I drop in here. And you can take that as a thanks note from me for commenting on my blog :D

    Nice to be here, and post comments on some funny and some very thought provoking articles.
    Best wishes and keep writing and make our brain ticking for long.

  2. Hey Chandrika,

    Those who pose to be busy, can never get busy in their lifes. This is what I make of it.

    In all the hullabaloo I make it a point to comment on the posts I loved and enjoyed reading. And also, drop a thanks to those who read mine. We are because they support us, appreciate us. Isnt it..?

  3. I never do kanjoosi in saying thanks to even the person who fills my glass at the restaurant or even the cycle wala/thele wala ho guides me to some address...

    I love saying thank you and that too by heart...not because I'm being formal or something..but to even friends I say thank you because I feel that way :)

  4. Thank you comes automatically to anybody, even though friends go by the policy of no thankyou, no please no sorry!! habits

    For those who pose to be busy... well well well... !!

  5. well I am sure i make it a point that I reply to each and everyone who comments on my blog...

    Though i dont email them about it ... But hopefully when they come in next they can see the reply to what they have written...

    Thank you is just polite.. I remember the stares i got when i visited india cause i am used to saying thank you for anything and everything to everyone.... or sorry even...
    its got nothing to be busy or anything...

  6. Very interesting, Chandrika.. :) Thanks!

  7. Its not about being busy but these small things are generally not given so much of importance. I'll tell u what happened with me. When I started blogging and there weren't many followers / readers, I used to thank everybody who wrote on my blog.. even those who visited my site or joined it, even they received a token of thanks.. you know when somebody becomes popular, small gestures do not mean anything.. And so happened with me.. That is when time becomes a problem. It can get quite cumbersome to thank everybody. Dont roll your eyes at the last sentence coz its not right but I said that in the flow..

    anyways.. if somebody comments on my blog then if i read and comment on his / her blog, that itself becomes an intangible gesture of thanks.. and if for some reason you do not like that person's blog then a thank you is needed..

  8. We are busy but We have leisure always.

  9. well i say thanks to each and every comment made on my posts.
    and it takes just few seconds to say "thanks " or even sorry but have a great impact on others so i don't miss any chance :) :)

  10. Saying thanks is reiterating the kindness that is present. And no on can be busy for a 'thanks.'

    Thanks for sharing this with us :)

    Joy and peace,

  11. LOL. Just came over to say thanks to a comment you left on my site. It was nice of you to say so.

  12. Whoever reads my post and comment, I acknowledge them there itself. I learnt it from my other friends in this blogworld. Then I make it a point to read their posts and comment. This is one way of saying 'thanks' without exactly saying the word!

    I think I have started commenting in some of your posts for sometime now!

  13. we aint busy..we re lazy..
    its been long i saw u on my blog as well...busy?

  14. I greet and thank everybody who comments for the first time on my blog and try to answer any comment; after all its conversation. Generally "little things" are important I think; I am friendly because I want to be treated friendly.

  15. I think commenting on the posts themselves in response is like saying thanks.

  16. The compliments we get in the comments are a great encouragement ,a thank you for those comments wouldnt take up so much time...

  17. @ everyone : Thanks for ur wonderful comments. :)

  18. All I know is that if the commenter out there takes time out to comment, (s)he should be made to feel special by a reply separately!