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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nadi Astrology Centre (Leaf Search)

“It is written that Munni has a younger sister.” An astrologer translated the written material in Tamil for me. Many years back, sages wrote the future on bundles and bundles of leaves for the betterment of humanity. These sages predicted the characteristics, family history, as well as the careers of innumerable individuals contain in several thousand volumes, each containing around a hundred predictions on leaves. There are set of statements on a leaf if all are found to be correct and matched properly then your leaf is found. And then the predictions written on that leaf are translated by astrologers of Nadi Astrology Center.
“No. My name is Chandrika and I have a younger brother not sister.”
“So, this leave is not for you. We will search another.” He turned over the leaf and said, “The name is Chandrika who has a younger brother and is born in the month of February.”
“No. In the month of December.”
“Next leaf said that the person is born in the month of December on 23rd.”
“No. On 3rd December.”
Slowly and gradually he flipped through more leaves and gathered all information required to convince me that my leave was found. He also asked my date of birth and time of birth for doing predictions. Not only this he also asked me what I want in my life and what is my aim in life. I told him as I was very curious to know how sages have predicted the future on leaves for each one of us.

Will he surprise me by fraud methods of future predictions or will I surprise him with my innocent nature?


  1. dear, As my opinion its not good to read or listen to our future. After that we will live with that sayings.

  2. hi Chandrika!
    I'm confused,,, what do the leaves show? and if i was an experiemnt did it not work?
    hugs, natalie

  3. There is an establishment here in Noida managed by a few gentlemen from TN.
    I did make them read my leaf.Sorry, I was not happy.

  4. someone told me about nadi astrology.. from his opinion i felt that he was convinced by those predictions..

  5. Looks like he's just making wild guesses, coz he didn't get anything right!

  6. yeah.. even i heard this from my friend.. ppl do this as a business now.. i don't think all these are true..i think he might have felt that u made him surprised by ur innocent answers..

  7. Let me share a personal experience. One of these Nadi jyothish told me I ll die in tenth grade !!! Am now 23, and am still alive and kicking :)

  8. This Naadi stuff has indeed evolved. Over the years, i guess there has been considerable dilution and money power in this game.... ! Sigh..

  9. It looks like some guesswork to me. Sorry, but I don't believe in any predictions.

  10. hmmm well its 50 -50 i guess , some things can be predicted , I use to not beleive at all, but a few events have happened in life which have sort of changed my mind a bit...

    so maybe he will tell u something interesting do let us know if he did tell you something interesting...

    Bikram's Blog

  11. I have never heard this before.. You mean, we come to know about our future from leaves with predictions written on them years ago..

  12. Ha ha makes me take a trip down memory lane when i had visited a jerk who called himself a "NADI JOSIER" :D

  13. Well, I believe that its better to live without knowing the future before hand.! Its like watching a movie whose suspense is already out! but then, as I said, astrology is interesting, though I still dont know if there is any bit of truth in it!