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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No reply from past one and a half year

“You didn’t call, mail or send any sms to me even ONCE during the past one and a half year. I know you were busy in your career but at least you should have find time to reply my calls, mails and smss. I was worried about you and you didn’t bother about my feelings.” I complained to my friend.
“I bagged Outstanding Performance Award and that I do not want to tell you on phone, emal or sms. I want to tell you personally. When we meet….” My friend told me with a smile.

Should I give my friend a punch on face or a warm hug?


  1. naadan... nahi aaya na khaandan..!!!
    give kurkure to your friend.

  2. lol.. first the punch, next the hug... :)

  3. Agree with Arv, Rachna & Beyond Horizon

  4. Hug him and while he's feeling relieved and happy, punch him! :D

  5. YES let him come, give him a big hug then push him away and A BIG PUNCH for not contacting for a year and then another HUG oooooh you missed him he heheeh

    Thats what i would do :) Friends dont do this , hurt us emotionally :)

    Bikram's Blog

  6. i would still go for the punch

    read through a couple of your old posts ..... heh heh .... i wish the lady whose saree the soup fell on could read this !!!

  7. As a dear friend I wud give a warm hug not even think about punching or nything else!!!

  8. I'm bad at keeping in touch, so I guess I'll make a bad judge. But here's what I believe: When you expect nothing and get something in return, it doubles your joy. When you expect something and get nothing in return, it only makes you sad!

  9. I think this could be true. OK not 1.5 years, but some times people hold back to give the news personally.

  10. both.. and may be kiss on cheeks..;)