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Saturday, October 2, 2010

No one is born a Genius though becomes one by forgetting things

“ “I forgot my admit card.” I worriedly said to my uncle who was driving scooter on the busy road of Delhi. We were about to reach my examination centre for my higher secondary final exams. Instead of scolding, my uncle took a U turn towards house. This is 20 years old incidence but it is as fresh as it has happened just now.” Mr ‘M’ narrated me.

“No one is born a Genius though becomes one by forgetting things.” I told him. :-D

Have you ever forgotten such an important thing? ;-)


  1. This reminds me of trying to understand the teachings of the Tao, by emptying we can be open to new learning/knowing.......
    I forget numbers now, some sort of selective aging process, they leave my brain as soon as they enter. I have to imagine them printed on paper to recall them.....

  2. ya..its true..
    experience is the name given to evry mistake
    that makes us Genius :)

  3. Yes! But I forgot what it was!

  4. My first public lecture. Having arrived I realized that my manuskript was still on my desk. At home. Returning from fetching it I had to look for a parking lot and pay entrance fee to my own lecture. It went well, the slide-projector only broke down after 40 minutes :)

  5. It happens to every one, but not everybody is lucky enough to have uncle like that:)

  6. I had nver forgot my exam hall tickets, though many other things had been forgotten...

  7. I have never forgotten very important things. Except perhaps the phone back at home, when important conference calls are scheduled !!


  8. It happens to all of us at some time or the other.It is very normal and so is the reaction and regret.

  9. I don't much forget anything. I forget to comb my hair, though.

    Have a lovely Sunday!


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  11. ..almost all... i'm hard to remember a thing... yet when i got it it's hard for me to forget...(T_T)

    a blessed sunday!!!:)


  12. I forget to take my id card to college many times!!
    Other than that, I only fear that I have forgotten something important!!
    Sometimes I've nightmares over those things!!

  13. Samething happened to me @nd p.u.

    But I'd travelled alone. Horrible tensions and rises in blood pressure levels! coz that was final examination!


  14. Everyone is a genius in their own way. I had never forgotten my exam hall tickets...but I remember that I FORGOT the answers for most of the questions for most of the papers. Thank god....I guess the examiner FORGOT to check mine. I passed with good grade;).

    Someone once said:

    It is sometimes expedient to forget what you know.

  15. I hav made such amazing errore like forgettin The Keys inside d Car, collecting change back frm the theatre ticket counter and many such things....!!!

  16. oh yes, all the time, sometimes the situations can't be saved either.

  17. Oh yes i have , i once forgot to take the FLIGHT... went on the wrong day I was so sure of the date..

    I also forgot to appear for the exam till almost hour gone into it ...

    so am i a genius then :)

  18. forgotten many but was not smooth as the one described.

  19. Star was here ! nyc writing...

    I forgot my ID card which was necessary when i did my Cambridge O' Levels.. was a bad time...but i made it up there without it but with my passport n the examiners allowed me...

    We often tend to forget things in our lives, but believe me...its all for good.

  20. @ everyone : Thanks a million for lovely comments. :)