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Friday, January 21, 2011

A borrowed book

I borrowed a book from an elderly man in my neighbourhood. Earlier I was searching that book in book shops and libraries but couldn’t find it. I requested him to lend me that book for reading. He told me that his son gave him the book on his 75th birthday. He politely asked me to return the same after reading. I convinced him that I would return it in good condition. Because of my busy schedule I could read it one third only.

Today, in the evening I heard that he is no more.

Now what should I do, read the book complete or return it to his son who has come from a foreign country for his cremation?

This is 200th post but I am not in a mood to celebrate.


  1. oh my... thats sad news... May God bless his soul...

    in my opinion... read up as much as you can but do make sure u return it before the son leaves.

  2. It is best to return that book. The son's handwriting might be there addressed to his dad.

    Congrats for the 200th!

  3. THat is sad news , Well I would return the book to the son..

    and well done on 200th post

  4. You have to give the book to his son.

    Congratulations for post twohundred.

  5. you should return the book! That was old man's wish too..may be you can take his son's address and mail it to him once you are done!

  6. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.
    I would return the book to his son. I'm sure that would make him happy.

  7. Thanx for sharing. Keep the book even sfter reading it as it will remind you of the worthy man who lent it to u.Yes, U may tell the son regarding this and see his response.Thanx for vising my blog. I am hereon following u.

  8. this is so sad. unexpected, so sudden!

  9. oh....return it to his son. The old man treasured it because his son gave him that book. Perhaps his son will now preserve the book because his dad hearted that book

  10. @ Everyone : Thanks for your comments.