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Saturday, February 18, 2012

5000 reasons to laugh!

“Chandrika, you can come and join our laughing yoga classes. We do it regularly in the evening from 5 to 6 pm.” Mrs. ‘S’ told. “We do funny exercises and laugh looking at each other. Laughing is good for the mind, face and body; you know that as you are yoga coach.”

“I have 5000 reasons to laugh.” I proudly said.

She looked surprisingly at me with blinking eyes.

“On my blog there are 5000 comments and the comment wrote by Cinner on the previous post was 5000th comment on my blog.”

Do you think one can do sufficient laughing yoga by reading comments on my blog or there is still need of doing laughing yoga by doing funny exercises?

Photograph : My blogger dashboard showing the comment section. 5000 is written on the right side and Cinner's 5000th comment on left side.


  1. 5000 comments is awesome! are u the acclaimed sachin tendulkress of the blogspohere?

  2. I think thats great. I am excited to be your 5000th commentor.
    I previously had done a post on Laughing Yoga and showed a clip from youtube. I think it would be wonderful to do....except with my Cataplexy which is triggered by laughter would not be recommended for me...keep up the great work you do here.

  3. Bu no standards, it is a small achievment.

  4. Glad that I help making you merry - and thus healthy!

  5. Chandrika,

    Congratulations of achieving this mark. Each one has own way to feel happy.

    Take care