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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A weird thought

Whenever I am ill, my mind loves to fantasise and imagine weird thoughts may be to be away from the pain and anguish. Right now, my mind is drawing an image of aeroplane with 250 persons on it, 100 persons standing in it, 150 sitting on the roof of the main body of aeroplane, 60 on its each wing which is flying high over the empty roads.

With this lots of problems can be solved like

1.No traffic jams on roads

2.Fuel saving

3.Longer distances travel by masses in less time.

What else?


  1. good idea but i doubt if it will work :)


  2. Chandrika,

    Wish you speedy recovery.

    Take care

  3. Ah my Dear - all my best wishes! Anything that helps is good!
    Me personaly - I would do anything to avoid stepping on an airoplane, and it is surely not my favourite escape phantasy. Flying gives me the creeps. I stay with Gin, wine and read - and if anything collapses I still can dream meself away. On a gentle rocking boat.
    I can not answer yer question in a good way, and don't want to in a cynic way. Just take care of yerself - or make Mr. H. do, So he's good for something! - and return healthy and strong soon.

  4. I am not amused.I think you are confused