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Monday, February 20, 2012


I read in the monthly circular of a society ......

There is a growing population of pigeons : Please stop giving them seeds or else there will be pigeon shit everywhere and hard to remove from walls.

What do you think seeds should not be given to pigeons as there population is increased and their shit is hard to remove from walls or they should be at least fed properly as there is a little space left for making nests?


  1. build toilets for Sulabh , a NGO which specializes in sanitation.

  2. I remember the film Birds, a Hitchcockian one

  3. It's forbidden to feed these flying rats here, because then the population grows and their acidic shit harms the historical sandstone-built buildings, and the pieces of art. The city has a man in charge of the flying rats who oevrsees the population and takes care hat there are not too many of them.
    Pidgeon roast anyone?

  4. Theyt also have similar signs here in NYC : "Do not feed the pigeons" I haven't taken a call yet, though :)

  5. Chandrika,

    Whether you feed them or not they will find it somewhere or the other. Why not designate place to put their feed away from residential complexes?

    Take care