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Friday, February 24, 2012

Largest society of the town

“Our society has three swimming pools, four lawn tennis grounds, three badminton courts, one basket ball ground, four huge parks, one gym, one table tennis table, two community centres and an open air theatre. It has 24 hour water supply and power back up. It is the largest society of the town!” Mr. ‘N’ said.

“Why water is over flowing from the manhole?” I asked as the nearby manhole was overflowing where we were standing.

“Oho! That. Actually the society doesn’t have a sewerage connection. And the tankers come regularly to take the waste off. Till the tankers come next time they will overflow. ”

Do you think the society have the facilities required for living or not?


  1. Aha. The irony. Largest but not the bestest, yet.

  2. Chandrika,

    It is like a very well made up face with all evil inside. Basic facility missing, what is the need for rest in such big numbers?

    Take care