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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Aroma of puris

As soon as we heard the ringing of bell from the temple while doing the last leg of yoga class, we started feeling hungry as it meant now the class would end and we all would rush to dinning hall for dinner after that. By that time the aroma of sattvik food being cooked in the kitchen below the asana hall also started entering our nostrils.

One day, the teacher was explaining Samanu pranayama which was every important for progressing in meditation but it was very confusing and difficult to understand as it had to be done with specific number of different mantras while focusing on different chakras, energy centers.
One of my batch-mates whispered, "Can you smell the puris? It seems that they have prepared puris for us. I love puris."
"I can't understand Samanu pranayama." I said.
Later on I pondered, back home I could prepare, smell and eat much more delicious puris than here. I had come so far to learn the right technique of doing pranayamas, some new powerful pranayamas like Samanu, bandhas and different mudras which would help me in progressing further on my spiritual journey.

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