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Friday, May 27, 2011

Ambulance on wrong side!

I had to put the harsh brakes as all of a sudden an ambulance ringing siren came in front of my car from the wrong side. Instead of going on left road of the highway it ran on the right side to avoid traffic jam on that side. I gave way to the ambulance so that someone's life could be saved. The fast speed of ambulance on the wrong side was totally unpredictable for the motorcycle on the same side of the road. They collided.

To save one’s life, one can break rules or one can not put life of other’s at risk?


  1. Terrible.
    Nevertheless I think that sometimes rules must be broken.

  2. To save one life, can we put many others on risk? Tough one..

  3. Sure, any rule should broken to save a life

  4. But ambulance always goes with a special siren, so collision will not be because of ambulance only, motorcyclist must also be in a hurry and speed.

  5. Very difficult question to answer in few words! :(

  6. no idea!
    in US ..the traffic has to stop if ..emergency is there!

  7. It all depends on perception I feel .. The driver might have thought that the road might be empty, so he might have drove in speed ..

    First time on your blog, liked your perky posts!

  8. Chandrika,

    If the ambulance driver had siren wailing at full volume with warning red light blinking on top, I think he could try to avoid traffic jam on his side of road provided oncoming traffic on wrong side was not too heavy. His only thought at that time is to reach the patient to hospital in time.

    Take care

  9. bachke tu rehna ...
    re bachke tu rehna..